Wild Canadian Lupine

by Downs Jim

wild canadian lupine seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: N. America - Canada - NS & PEI

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Category: Flower

Published: Saturday 10th of February 2007 10:31:39 AM


Mary Fran Loggans
Beautiful shot Jim, lovely color, focus and composition.

Jeff H
Beautiful array of color, great sharp focus, nice work!

Watermark of Merni
Thank you very much.

Watermark of Merni
Very nice to see this variety of colors and forms. Looks great in the green! I don't think I've seen Lupines before. Do they have a pleasant scent?

Jim Downs
I used to grow them here in Colorado when I had a larger garden. As I recall, the scent was very mild and not particularly memorable. I don't think they do well in tropical climates. I have seen them naturalized in the cooler southern climes such as Ushaiai, Argentia.

Jim Downs
Wild Canadian Lupine In late June and early July the Canadian Maritime Provinces are flush with lush stands of lupine.

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