European Starling

by Loggans Mary Fran

european starling seeking critique loggans mary fran

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Published: Thursday 8th of February 2007 06:43:15 PM


Samir Begovic
How the bokeh looks is probably the preference, but for me your backgrounds are like watercolor painted. I love them. I noticed a small artifact on the top, maybe from clone tool or something, but not too distracting. On grainy surfaces is usually hard to clone or heal. (Didn't clean the sensor yet?) Oh yeah, the bird. Really rare and fine colors. Very good quality photo. And finally the frame. It looks good. Adds to professional look etc., but I am still refusing to use it. Maybe we should use extra ratings only for a framing ; )

Mary Fran Loggans
Thank you Linda, I love turquoise and blues, so catching this fella's colors really tickled me. I caught about 12 shots, and the slightest change of angle highlights different colors. Some angles show more blue, others the greens. Best color I've gotten yet. And very interesting, I couldn't see much of a difference if I tried to increase the saturation, must be a technical explanation somewhere so this is as he was. I do ok with decorating, but the framing thing is a challenge!

Mary Fran Loggans
Not sure either, the twig was way over in the right corner. I'll try the healing brush on it. I know the gold is from some winter buds on a tree in the background, but kind of looks like a "smudge" in the bokeh.

Samir Begovic
Still not sure what this is , but it's here.

Bjørn-Tore Rekve Seim
I assume this must be a rare guest in your garden, by us they are in abundance. I love the metalic glow you have mananged to capture in the plumage of the Starling. The beauty of this bird spieces is underrated in my opinion. The details and composition works out very fine, likewise the light and cut, well done to you!

Tommy Armour
Impressive bird and framing!

Mary Fran Loggans
Thanks Samir, upper Right? No, haven't cleaned it--this weekend. Thought I got all the spots. I didn't work on the background on this to the degree I should have, removed one small twig upper right. I often will blur the backgound a little to soften the canvas even if there's no object and forgot. Was feeling "just" a little peer pressure on the frames, don't give in... :) I like the bokeh from that 400mm, still looking forward to some color again though...

Linda Davidson
Hi Mary Fran, Another exquisitly beautiful bird shot. I think this is in perfect balance and would be ruined if you cropped out any of your background. I love little starling's flamboyant greeens and blues against the soft muted shades of the background. The turquoise line that you have used to frame the inside against the black really pulls the whole peice together in delightful visual harmony. I bet you have an amazing colour sense when it comes to clothes and decorating as well. Cheers, Linda

Mary Fran Loggans
Thanks Tommy and Allan, maybe more like a 4x6 print would work better. OK to crop, it's when you have to add that I get nervous! ;) Thanks

A LaCroix
Hi Mary. Very well done. I think I would have cropped a bit more off the top. Nice detail and complementing DOF.

Mary Fran Loggans
Samir, Just went out to take some shots, it was a smudge all right, on the polarizer lens!

William McCarey
Excellent! Nice presentation, Ms Loggans! The quality of the image speaks for itself. Now that you have the power of CS2 at your fingertips, you gotta learn not to over-tweak. When it looks right to you, stop. There are a thousand more images to process. I have learned on PN the difference between critiques (which I call helpful information) and someone's personal preferences (which, sorry to say, I ignore). If you react to the former, you will grow. Reacting to the latter will drive you bonkers.

Mary Fran Loggans
Thank you Bjorn, I can't say they are rare here, just tough to get close to. Mine are quite skittish, likely due to living in a rural and heavily wooded area, as I know other folks have some that are more tolerant. I think these guys adapt pretty readily to humans if exposed enough. Thanks again.

Mary Fran Loggans
Thanks William, not to worry about over working a shot here, I dislike editing and really dislike some of the sharpening results so I'm reducing my output to the sharpest "out of the camera" with a touch of unsharp mask and that's it. I'll learn the techniques for that occasional shot that you love and want to salvage, but the rest are only keepers if they've earned it right out of the camera! This guy got very little attention except for the twig which might have been ok anyway, and I'd sure like to get more like him that don't require much! I've found "light" is my very best friend. (Kelby's books are on order.)

Mary Fran Loggans
A European Starling in sunlight Comments much appreciated, thanks.

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