Stripes and a black eye

by Korelc - Kobra Branko

stripes and a black eye seeking critique korelc kobra branko

Gallery: City Zoo Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 7th of February 2007 11:25:50 PM


Samir Begovic

Stane Crnjak
Hi Brane, It looks like I was more lucky regarding positioning of this 2 zebras. I would crop it in horizontal format and loose right side of the photo. Regards Stane

Branko Korelc - Kobra
Of course, Stane. You were 1,5 m more to the left and there is no gap between zebra's head and other zebra's body. Your photo is more atractive.

Branko Korelc - Kobra
Stripes and a black eye Zebra youngster, curious...Two of us were shooting at him (her?) at the same time Thanks Branko

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