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Published: Wednesday 7th of February 2007 12:35:18 AM


Bob Kurt
Great shot!

Fred G
Agreed. Very well done. Great color and light. The two things I'd question, but am really not sure myself about, are the focusing and the half figure in red. Each, for me, has pluses and minuses. My first take was to react that the boy should be in focus instead of the forward frame of the tunnel. But now I'm not sure, as it makes it a little more dreamlike this way. My second thought was to clone out the father (if it is the father) so the boy is more isolated, making it a more whimsical tale. The faceless man seems a distraction but also adds an element of mystery and companionship for the boy. Ultimately, I think I'd get rid of the man as I think it takes away more than it adds and I think the focus is not a terribly big deal. In any case, because it's a photo with a story and with depth both visually and literarily, these questions come up. If a photo makes me think and wonder, I'm happy! If you want to weigh in on any of these considerations, you're the boss and I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Matt Rosemier
Thanks, Fred. I always appreciate your input. Even so, i feel bad that so often what seems semi-magical is really only the vaguaries of digital photography. The soft focus is the result of trying to catch my nephew in motion in dim light. Auto-focus is great, but it sometimes hammers in on the wrong point. This is one of those times. Even so, the photo was close enough to run with it (excuse the pun). The figure in red was completely unknown until you pointed it out. I dunno who the f$%* it is. This photo is one of those I am ok with but not worth the effort to polish up. Imo.

Matt Rosemier
photo thank you for any and all ratings/comments

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