Graffiti Girl

by Rosemier Matt

graffiti girl seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Tuesday 6th of February 2007 06:11:45 PM


Michael Meneklis
I like it.

Elaine Roberts
I love the silhouette of the girl, the line of the walls, but the car, I think, doesn't add anything. I think that a cropped version of this - perhaps w/a little perspective correction in Photoshop - would be much stronger. What do you think?

Matt Rosemier
Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your feelings/ideas about this photo, Elaine. I appreciate it. What do I think? Actually I think the red of the car and the yellow of the number plate work well with the red and yellow brick in the photo. And more than that, the car adds to the illusion that the shadow-girl is real; that she just stepped from the car. Again, thanks.

Fred G
Matt-- Nice capture. Not only is it unusual, but it makes me wonder exactly what's going on. I like a little mystery and find some humor also. My favorite film director is Hitchcock because he often combined mystery and humor to great effect. This cutout feel of the shadow or graffiti on the brick wall is graphic and catches a real urban feel.

Matt Rosemier
Shadow thank you for any ratings, comments or critiques, negative as well as positive.

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