Man at Work.

by Rosemier Matt

man at work seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Tuesday 6th of February 2007 11:28:00 AM


Fred G
Hey Matt, just noticed this one. Great color scheme and the reflection on the wet ground (which is wet because of what the guy obviously just finished doing) gives it a lot of depth and interest. Color of the bike adds a lot too. Really good story, composition, and atmosphere.

Pappy J
Hahahah I lived near here for a while. Barcelona right? These guys used to annoy me so much! You should try walking along this street in flip flops in the morning! You end up with fag butts, condoms.. all kind of shit washing your way. I've never known an area to be cleaned so much, yet to be so dirty all the time. A great photo, and bringing back some good memories.

Matt Rosemier
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