Shady Lane

by Kelly Landrum

shady lane seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Tuesday 6th of February 2007 05:37:35 AM


Dennis Jones
Lannie Nice detail and color.

Ada Ipenburg
Lovely picture Lannie. The green tones are so soft and pure and just as Henri mentioned, this spot good be placed too in the surroundings where I live. Greetsz, Ada:)

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Michael. That belt extends into both states. Marlboro and Chesterfield counties, for example, are in South Carolina, although Winston-Salem and Durham are in North Carolina. It is a dubious distinction as to who grows more, but I imagine that more is grown in South Carolina because it is further south and has a longer growing season, although I can still remember the ubiquitous smell of tobacco processing and storage in Durham, NC when I lived there in the late sixties. Actually, however, in analyzing where this picture might be made, state lines are less important here than distance from the mountains ans ocean. This is in the true piedmont, which looks pretty much the same in both states, as it does also in Georgia and Virginia. The tobacco belt is typically (not always) in flatter terrain closer to the coast--in both states. This is a fairly typical piedmont shot, and doesn't look much like the generally flatter tobacco belt in either state to me. --Lannie

Henri Manguy
Nice pastoral shot. It could be taken in my "countryside with really no touristic interest" . There is the same sort of byroads.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Ali. --Lannie

Michael DeCorso
looks like tobacco road to me until I saw that it was in South Carolina...I miss living in NC...nice rural shot

Michael DeCorso
I can still hear the buzz of insects while sitting on the front porch surrounded by soybeans and corn...other buzz too which I have outgrown...

Brad Kim
Very nice and peaceful, Lannie... I like it!

Tyler Wind
Lannie--This is a wonderful shot with a spectacular composition! I like it very much! I do have to also echo your tobacco comments above and add some emphasis to my home state by saying that Richmond, Virginia, definitely competes for the title of "tobacco capital!" Back to the shot, I love the rural setting...takes me back to my hometown in Virginia--thanks for doing that for me.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Brad. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Sorry to forget Virginia, Tyler! I have lived in both Carolinas and seen the tobacco fields, warehouses, etc. I don't get up to Virginia much anymore, although I was up there on the Parkway last summer--great state! When I saw where you were from in Virginia, I also knew that your love of tidal water goes way, way back. Boating in salt water is about the only boating that has held my interest for very long, with the exception of sailing, which is fun anywhere. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks to all of you for your comments. --Lannie

Peter van Nugteren
Beautiful greens!

Landrum Kelly
Shady Lane This is cropped out of a shot already in the same folder. Thanks for viewing.


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