by Peri John

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Published: Monday 5th of February 2007 02:03:10 PM


Steffen Drache
Yes, the curves! Very well done, for me it is also better than the first one.

Pawel Sawicki
Its all curves - beautiful model, well composed portrait... Some melancholy captured. Good work John.

John Peri
Thank you very much Pawel. I did post something similar not to long ago, but prefer this one, so I added it. My apologies to you and the others for the repetition.

Michael Meneklis
Master John This one is better that the other one in the stairs. The lighting is so perfect that I see a 3D girl. Of course the arcs of the stairs and the whole compo is perfect. Long live to B&W. Bravo Master John.

John Peri
Many thanks Michael. In addition to the curves, there is also the form of the triangle that has always mystified me. I have somhow always related it to power and strength in women. Is it the maternal image of the pubis that resurfaces from the hippocampus of my brain, I don't know. But I find it has mystical powers and whenever I reproduce it in a photo, it becomes for me the center piece of my work.

John Peri
So nicely said, thank you Carlo. And long live the wonderful mystery of woman. The one problem that we will never solve.

Alberto Quintal
I like the clean and sharp photo,the stairs are elegant and the model lovely. Cheers, John. Alberto

Sweid Sideris
Here you've captured the pristine image of the woman's surface. When I say "surface" I am not talking about a superficial character. The opposite. I mean that for a man is impossible to catch the profound nature of a woman. They are so marvelous different. They are so captivating. They are so powerful. They are a complete mistery for us, men. And thanks God (just in case he does exists) for it. Again, with this photo you're offering us the face of the extraordinary difference, the spell on me, the formidable power, and the ethernal mistery. This photo is a masterwork, and she is the masterwork of the feminine nature, a neverending miracle.

John Peri
Staircase .. variations on a theme ..

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