East End Girls

by Rosemier Matt

east end girls seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Monday 5th of February 2007 02:26:16 AM


Matt Rosemier
Wow. Thanks, Arash. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to put your feelings about this photo into words. This bit you wrote here..."I was induced to scrutinize the faces and guess what they could be thinking at the moment the shot was taken." sums up what I try to get in my pursuit of Street Photography and it is that aspect of the genre--to catch a fleeting thought or emotion on the face of a stranger--that has attracted me to Street as well. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the critique.

Arash khoshghadam
Hi Matt I am so sorry I can't comment on the cultural component of this shot since I am totally a stranger with the importance of the word 'East End'. I am sure you would be kind enough to fill me in on that later. What I see are three standing figures in a long shot. The shot offers rhythm composition with the three figures varying in apparel and expressions. The diagonally stretched sidewalk that goes through the frame has made this a dynamic shot. The ground on which the figures are standing and the background are very simple helping the viewer focus tightly on the motifs. The figures are the same hight- a fact which produces near symmetrical composition with good deal of stability. The shot features variation in manner and expression. actually I was induced to scrutinize the faces and guess what they could be thinking at the moment the shot was taken. There are good deal of movements in this shot making it vividly animated. The girl on the left doesn't look so serious in contrast with the one in the middle who is talking on the cellphone with a curious look on her face. the way she is dressed up and her walking cane probably shows she is suffering disability of some sort, and may be out for a walk for practice. The vivid colors of the attires is very eye-catching and rectifies variation of the rhythm, though the dress of the girl in the middle is a little overexposed. The overall exposure and contrast are proper. That's all I can pull out of this beauty shot. I am not into these shots since I consider my self mostly a landscaper, but I envy you. your shot make me ask myself why I haven't tried these sort of shots to enjoy the soul.

Arash khoshghadam
The pleasure is all mine Matt for such a fast response. your response and care to answer is what supports me. I sweat a lot over my comments and I get tremendously encouraged and happy when I see kind responses that show my critique is considered worthy.

Matt Rosemier
East End Girls thanks for ratings/critiques.

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