Rolling Logs

by Downs Jim

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Gallery: N. America - USA - Florida - West Coast & Inland

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Published: Sunday 4th of February 2007 11:14:16 AM


Jim Downs
Good idea. I see what your are saying. I'll give it a try. The camera data says it was taken at 1430 hour.

A.K. Sircar
Very good composition,light & tone,GJ.

Tariq Ayad
If I may, A great effort at capturing this squirrel, I know these guys hardly stay in one place for long enough. Fidgety little critters they are. Its really great that you have got the squirrel in sharp focus. The composition is also interesting. the curve made by the squirrels body mimicks that of the trunk. But what isnt working in this image is, the quality of light. This image looks like it was taken in hard light, and hence there are some very strong shadows, and the contrast seems to be very strong. I might consider a B&W version of this photo. Another reason why I might consider B&W is because most of the image seems to be the different tones of the same colour.

Jim Downs
Rolling Logs Squirrelly task.

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