Vicky Nude

by Howe David

vicky nude seeking critique howe david

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Published: Saturday 2nd of February 2002 02:11:39 PM


Claude Richard
small comment Hi, your model is very nice indeed, but the pose is more traditional, and not very artistic , too my taste. I don't like the blur background at all, it is distracting. And as other mentionned, the tonal composition need more range. Afeter all, nothing is perfect in this world, and keep shooting, work and critisism make perfection. Sugestion, look at others, on the web , as for composition. There is no standard, taste is personal, but you can check the trend ;-))) good luck ! Claude

jack skoch
id rather let her have it!

David Howe
Thanks for the comments. It has some Photoshop filters applied to add blurring around the model hence the 'Muddy' appearance. The pose was one that was chosen by the model so I'm sure it wasn't painful - some people are more flexible than others. The lighting was OK before I uploaded it without the overbright areas to the right and left of the model. It was all an even shade before the '' compression. Perhaps more people could take the time to comment as over 500 have sneaked a peek and only 3 comments have been made. Also let me have some ratings! You will find that the more you rate - the more people will take the time to view your work and rate/comment on it.

Nestor Botta
I also find distracting the halo around her body... Doesn't make any sense for me. About comments and ratings... it happens to everyone of us... But if you comment and rates others, it might increase the feedback for you. After all, that's why I'm here today... :-)

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
David, your model is cute. Your pose is basically standard, and a safe one I as a "nude nonothing phtotog" might use too. I find several things to comment on that I think would improve this kind of shot. The angle of the back is too extreme,ouch it hurts. The high heels I could do without(Ever try sitting that way in four foot platforms?) The image, as black and white seems muddy to me. Lacks contrast and sparkle. So I let you have it David, but I hope 'constructively.' Thanks for opportunity to comment.

Tom Meyer
Well that opening comment may be crude, but your request of "Let me have it!" does seem more like a caption. This photograph is designed to elicit just the response you got from your first comment. So if the response is deemed crude, you might then recognize that the image is also, in the same manner, crude.

The contrast of the image itself is too low, it's not the Photoshop blurring that makes it "muddy" (another "crude" 'bout that?).The pose is certainly cliche'd and overdone, if that's not redundant.

Perhaps you could take whatever technical skills you discovered in making this photo and do something original with them. You'll get better criticism, and more respect for your efforts... t

kevin kolosky
I think Jack's comment is in extremely poor taste. This is a nice photograph. The lighting could be better, but the subject is nice and it is a pleasant photograph to look at. Kevin

Francisco Solares-Larrave
Not that bad The shot is pleasant, despite all the objections. If I were you, I'd take them with some philosophy. In any case, you made Vicky look really nice here, and the shot, however traditional and "classic", has a slight aura of novelty thanks to your PS manipulation. Now, call Vicky and reshoot!

Jerry Matchett
David, if you try some other Photoshop techniques you may get a better blur in the background. As it is, it has a strange halo look around the model's perimeter. Here is an idea to play with in Photoshop. Make a duplicate layer so you have two identical pictures stacked one on the other. Blur the lower one and play with the transparency of the upper one: you can achieve a whole range of effects. Also try various methods of selecting just the model's body in the upper duplicate image, inverse that to get background only and play with the levels controls to allow various amounts of the lower blurred background to show through.

David Howe
Vicky Nude Let me have it!

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