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Published: Friday 2nd of February 2007 04:35:18 PM


Matt Rosemier
Thanks, Fred. Yeah, I too wish that the shot had been more in focus. It was an auto-focus issue rather than a deliberate decision on my part, and in fact the photo is just *this* much on the keeper side of focus fuck-ups. As regards the figure on the balcony, I like him there, focused or not (and actually i think a softer edge on that element of the picture does work), as he seems to balance the dark/light aspect of the photo. What I mean is that he takes a little of the heavy dark triangle that runs across the top and drops a little of that into the lighter area. Sort of like the little dots on the yin-yang symbol (the spotlight to his upper right performs the same function in bringing light up into the darker area as well. This is all accidental btw, lest you think i had that much comprehension of what i see now when I shot the picture). Try this...put your finger over the figure and see if you don't agree that the picture loses some of the strength, or better yet, the weight without the presence of the mann on the balcony and what he lends to the piece.

Markku Salonen
Nice capture well composed, ant that person is a must have. Fine contrast giving detail that bright spot up there too. I love the subdued colors on this one, pity it's on a soft side, but still: Congratulations!

Matt Rosemier
In the Museum of Modern Art (MACBA), Barcelona thanks for any ratings/critiques.

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