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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 2nd of February 2007 03:32:08 PM


Arthur Baas
Excellent Ultra beautiful compostion and model. Amazing background, and I like the bookcase.

Fernando Yarce
the balance is great, the color, the model and the background.

Harvey King
provocative provocative yet tasteful. Well done. You are relying on indoor Tungsten light as light-source and adjusted your camera to tungsten white-balance to give that blue-tint to the windows outside, right? Have you tried to use a soft strobe / flash bounce off the ceiling and day-light balance and see how would the picture look when both inside and outside's color temperature is about the same? Harv

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan A superb example of composing something that could so easily become merely an atypical 'glamour' image with genuine thought and impact. The pose, the sheer feminity of the model, infuses the composition with a quality that is both very appealing and provocative. Great work, John.

Marty Brodell
Perfect! John, I had to take a few minutes to rate and comment on this photo. This is one of the finest I have seen of yours or anyones. The mix of colors, the sensual pose, bit of bookshelf left in to give us the feeling of "normalcy" (huh?)- this is great composition! Also, the clarity of the shot both of the indoor and outdoor portions are perfect. My compliments to both you and the model on a fine piece of artwork.-Best Regards, Marty

Umair Ghani
masterly rendering of composition & mood! regards!

Donn Dobkin
Really nice and pretty far away from Hustler, it just seems artistic to me. But what do I know? Positioning with the bit of bookcase and the billboard in the background, this one is more complex than many others (your site or anyone else's) and really demands congratulations. So, congrats! Outstanding.

mary paul
nude or soft porn? I gave this shot probably the worst rating on photo.net. There is no doubt that you know what to do with a camera, but I fail to see how a woman sitting with her leads spread, is art; unless of course, you disrespect the female body enough to make her look like a piece of erotic meat. There are nudes, and then there are subtle attempts to present pornographic images as nudes. Some "artists" may think that nudes emcompass anything showing bare skin; my rating reflects my lack of belief in that myth. You cannot buy class, no matter how many woman you degrade to do it.

John Peri
I'm glad you all enjoyed this. She is indeed a passionately graceful young lady. Harvey, thank you. Other than when outdoors, I do in fact take all my photos with a flash attached to the camera that I bounce off something. A friend suggested recently that I try a ring flash, also attached to the camera. It is something to explore, but then I do not imagine that you can place the shadow where you want.

A.K. Sircar
Original and beautiful image,John. Composition,light,exposure are commendable.

Pawel Sawicki
Anothere interesting meeting of two ladies... Warm and cold colours mixed together, which worke here really fine. Very sensual pose of the model inside, but you somehow get caught by the look from the outside. Good work.

Alon Eshel
This is great , Wonderful composition and the model is Sooooooo Beautiful . Love the background ( is that a lift parking I see there ? )

Thomas Collins
Hmmm.... not sure how to follow on the heels of the above comment from Mary, but I guess I'll start by saying "Bullocks on her". This is a wonderful image full of interest, both in the foreground and background, all linked beautifully together with the common theme of glamour. I just love this John!

John Peri
Mary, you are welcome to give any rating that you wish, and I thank you for having taken the trouble to give me yours. Many excellent photographers on this page would seem to disagree with you. However, that is what Photo net is all about and I believe it is wonderful to have this diversity among us, it's what makes it all so interesting. On the mattter of class however, I disagre with you categorically. Whether you like my photos or not is one matter and as I already said, there is no reason why you should. When you attempt to debase other women however (there are over hundred and fifty of them on my pages) by suggesting that they are stupid enough to allow themselves to be degraded by being represented as pornographic pieces of erotic meat it is insulting, not to me, but to those that pose for me, and that is intolerable. A true manifestation of "class" as you call it is to express one's views on a public photo site with words that reflects one's opinion in artistic terms and not insults. I hope you manifest equal indulgence for my opinion as I have done for yours. At least my terminology is respectful.

Kim Shultz
John, Courious as to what you did to piss-off Mary?? Wow! I like the concept, the expression, and the imagery. I actually like the story that is being expressed in the image as well. I do not care for the bookshelf on the left but everything else is perfecto! Another great John Peri image. Thanks!

Michael Meneklis
77 I am very sorry I cannot rate such a shot with 7/7 because of the PN restrictions.I do not critique this as a nude only but as a high artistic shot.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, excellent, John. Alberto

John Peri
Thanks Jim. The trouble with this one essentially was that the lighting was very bad, so had to remove some of the overall darkness and shadows not so much by desaturating but just by lighting it up...

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, The photography explores with conception. It is an art, and who knows how to draw and paint is called photographer, that much I believe. Here, Nudity comes with the conception and composing power, and ofcourse the style to walk around with the power of the composing ability. Exceptional one. Nothing is better than the word Exquisite. Like it .....really I mean that. Rgds.

Fernando Yarce
how mss. Mary Paul can critique or say something if she does not have any photo...??? I would like she showed us the way to make "good" Erotic Photos, better than yours John. f.yarce.

Robert Semnic

Salvador Penaloza
Simply beautiful ! I have just read the comment from Mary and I disagree completly, how can Mary critique if she does not have a single photo, on the other hand this shot is wonderful, WOMAN?S BEAUTY I like the composition, light,pose , model (She really looks like an ANGEL) MUchas felicidades, well done

oscar arias
beautifull great work again.bravo maestro

Anca Cernoschi
definitely my favorite photo from your portfolio. great job. very natural capture,nothing to do with porn :) nothing more to say.I'm speechless ;)

Alec Ee
Bravo! You must have great charm to be able to shoot such a beauty John. You always seems to get the best out of beautiful women and this is no exception. All first class done very artistically. I'm floored.

John Peri
Sarah, what a wonderfully sensitive and perceptive woman you are .. it translates also into your art, or rather overflows in and out of it again. Thank you for these beautiful words. John

Sarah Kane
model vs model John, I've been reading a little here and there on the on going debate over what's "art" and what's "porn". I find it amusing that there are people out there who feel the need to close doors they are not ready to walk through... it's unfortunate and sad, as they miss out on a lot of beautiful experiences the rest of us will enjoy. I saw a photo on here of a woman tweezing the little hairs around her nipple, a very private and intimate moment that I have never seen captured on film. It was argued whether that was art or not as well... and I can't help but think people are scared of the truth. I'm sure everyone has insecurities to one degree or another, and it all revolves around one's sense of control in this world; sometimes it can be so rewarding to just let go of that false sense of 'appropriateness'. That being said, I think this photograph is beautiful, and as I'm sure I'll read into it more than what was meant to be, hopefully I'll entertain you if only for a couple of minutes;) I love the play on the poster behind the woman... The fact that poster is most likely a touched up perfect version of a model that no one could every achieve the look of in everyday; while in front, here is this vivacious beautiful woman, photographed in reality... While the woman in the poster is in cold blues, the model in this photo is in direct contrast laced with warm hues all over. I like the window's edge covering the poster lady's nudity, while the model's isn't hidden. And lastly, the word man in the poster behind, and it's placement right between the two women... That was fun;) Take care, and keep creating John! ~S~

Michael S. Maddox
Highest ratings for originality The nature of the poses in this series would normally have led me to consider these images as "Erotica." However, to me personally, "Erotica" is virtually synonymous with "cheesy" and "lecherous." These photos are anything but. There is a sexual element to them, yes... but as many others have mentioned, these photos are graceful and elegant. Provocative, but beautiful. This particular image is, in my opinion, the best of this series. I love the contrasting colors, and the interplay between the young lady on the windowsill and the billboard in the background. Congratulations to you and the model on a work that is both pleasing to look at and intellectually stimulating.

John Peri
How nicely put Michael, thank you very much. You have indeed understood precisely the manner in which I perceive my work and why I post it. Should I imagine at any time that my perception was in doubt, the embarassement would impede me from doing any further work in this area. Vulgarity is out of the vocabulary Michael. I always say that you cannot be more Royalist than the King. If it's alright with my models, the majority of which are well educated and refined young ladies, than it's alright with me too and it should not disturb any others. Thank you, once again I appreciate yout comment and the position taken.

Josemi Gondra
Zs 823... Hi, John, Do not know very well what to say. The image is so attractive that I feel deeply impressed by it - not only by her. I have analyzed it and my theory is that is so attractive because it meets the rule of basic colors. When you see at the image you - your eyes, your mind, in fact - is taking at the same time the three colors, very smartly distributed around the photography, and that gives a visual perception of perfection and runs very well. Your eyes see the blue (dominating in the background and in some books in the down part); yellow is present in the soft skin of the woman - the lovely model that poses - in her leg, it is also in some parts of her blouse and also is part of the green soft tones in the wall (green = blue + yellow); the red tones are quite evident in right hand of model, her face and lips, the orange or pink tones in her blouse and also in some of the books again. That´s a total perception of basic light colors (red + yellow + blue) giving our eyes a very pleasurefull image. The model´s head and view oriented down, with eyes and mouth nearly closed - slightly opened - is your very-very-very good composition and shot-the-moment. I do not know if you shot 30 images and chose one or if you composed it so well that it was OK with 3-5 shots to choose among them. It is one of the best images - from my very modest opinion - in your portfolio; attraction is enpowered by suggestion, and you are a master at that. Thanks for sharing so artistic images. Someday, in the future, perhaps I shall ask your permission to paint one. 7/7, what else ? See you. Josemi Gondra.

John Peri
Josemi, I am very flaterred by the attention you have gien to this photo, and I am certain that the model that follows these postings from time to time will be also. I am also very impressed by your perception and analysis. I was particularly interested to read about the importance that you give to the use of basic colours. Sharing with you a scientific background, though more closely aligned to the medical field, I read betweeen the lines and wonder how my training may occasionally influence my work, at least in the subconcious search for harmony and balance. Thank you, that was most interesting. As for the moment seized, I do not really set up my pictures in any detail, other than "try sitting on the window sil" .... it is a rather opportunistic approach that allows me to capture "moments" .. and I think it is very much what was the case here.

Carlos Enrique Vega
Very nice photo John, the whole scene is very interesting, and beautiful, of course. But I have a question: did you use PS or something strictly in the pubic hair?, be cause it doesn't seem natural; it looks superimposed. Congrats. Carlos.

Jana Whatthebutlersawová

This is my favourite. There is a feeling of innocence here, even the model is positioned nude, I love the colour contrast with the worlds behind and in front of the window. Superb. Regards, Jana  

John Peri
Remembering .. the future

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