Northern Hawk Owl

by Melanson Jody

northern hawk owl seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Friday 2nd of February 2007 01:48:02 AM


Pascal Agneray
I gave this one 7 and 7 and I almost never give 7. This picture is the essence of velocity. A bird flyig in bullet/attack mode. An owl coming at you while zeroing on a pray and getting a sharp shot...That's incredible. My sincere admiration.

Evan Spellman
super shot personally i have never witnessed an owl shot like this!! most are posed on the ground. this is an incredible catch! recently i was doing a landscape on top of a local mountain with the 10-20mm lens on... and up from the snow floats a snow owl...looked as big as an eagle.

Jonathon Lawson
Fantastic, What a shot! Well done!

John Plott
Amazing Shot ! ! ! This is one of the best (if not the best) bird photo I have seen on this forum. This bird is totally focused on his prey and you captured the determination in its eyes. Thank you for sharing and Great job?

Rafik Kamel
jody, lovely shot here, i bet that owl was moving very fast , welldone, RK!

William McCarey
Wow (again)! I am amazed at how well you consistently get the key photo of each bird. Nothing static about your images. You just keep raising the bar for everyone.

Ray Yeager

Jeff Germo
another super shot. YOu must have been in a blind to get a shot like this. It's superb. Jeff

kenneth lapikockij
.... I'm speachless.

You're a friek Jody! I'm a big fan for years watching your work as I grew my portforio. This is sick!

Charl Zacharyahs Mellin
Absolutely Beautiful Shoot Jody!

Absolutely Beautiful Shoot Jody!

This BIF is excellent and very good - exactly as they silently "dive" to get the catch maybe a fieldmouse!

In the south Sweden we now have a year of "invasion" from up north to south a several hawk-owls and I have for first time in my life seen this in wild!

Your photo is just so perfectly and well done!

It a joy to see this Photo-Gem Jody!


Wish you all the Very Best! (7/7)



Jody Melanson
Northern Hawk Owl Please view larger.....

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