Northern Hawk Owl

by Melanson Jody

northern hawk owl seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Friday 2nd of February 2007 01:24:19 AM


Rafik Kamel
wow stunning shot jody, i love the freezing of the wings n the bird well lit with blue sky in the bg, bravo, RK!

Paul Wegemann
I don't see how this could have been any better. Superb!

Charles Webster
As always Jody, a spectacular capture! I saw these over on FM this afternoon and was pleased to see them again here. Keep up the great work.

Jack Floyd
Ho-Hum, another stunningly beautiful, technically perfect Jody capture, wonder what's on the tube :)) I swear, I think you pay these birds to model for you. I've never seen such a consistently fine body of work in any genre

Erik Lewandowski
Beautiful, spectacular shot

Tony Hadley
Beautiful. Superb capture against a pleasant blue sky. Congrats.

George Pennington
When I saw this, a question came immediately to mind: Did you know what you had captured when you first shot this? But then I looked at your portfolio. I withdraw the question. Thank you for the lessons. Cheers.

Ronald Pol
Woww, this is amazing, grat shot, beautifull bird too. Great against the blue sky :)

Roger Sandgren
So very nice in all details //Roger

Dave Holland
Brilliant portfolio, Jody.

Tom L.
real good lighting!

Nicole Cimon
Wow ! Everyone has already said it all. Fantastic capture ! Regards, Nicole

William McCarey
Magnificent! I am tired of saying Wow! I have to develop more adjectives for your works of art. Absolutely nothing is wrong with the image. Just magnificent!

Kent Barry
Great shot, Jody!

Jody Melanson
Northern Hawk Owl Please view larger...

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