Jewish Monument, Whitechapel

by Rosemier Matt

jewish monument whitechapel seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Thursday 1st of February 2007 01:05:07 AM


Matt Rosemier
The woman in the foreground is the focal point.

Margaret Woodall-Shark
I like it. It is sharp and clear. I am just not sure of the focal point.

Donna S
I'm confused. I also can't see anything Jewish about this. Where is it, and what is it a monument to?

Fred G
This is a thoughtful image. It's also complex in that a lot is going on. My eye keeps going to the interesting man who, although not looking at it, is interacting with the monument by becoming almost part of it. I see the contrast of her movement against the stationary background, her profile against his, all of which are legitimate visual and literal considerations. For me, though, these latter aspects are just not working effectively and I'd like to have seen it as more of a closeup of the trash can, the guard pole, the man, the monument, and the building backing it up. More important than my desires, though, are yours and I sense you got what you wanted and there is still something compelling about it as I spend time with it.

Matt Rosemier
Jewish Monument The stone monolith with the bronze statues on it behind the bearded man has a plaque on it. You can see it just behind his head.

This is what it says .

East London was predominantly Jewish at the turn of the last century.

Matt Rosemier
Also... The monument is directly across Whitechapel Road from the Royal London Hospital. There is a large open-air market there and so the monument gets buried in all the hustle and bustle and hardly anyone ever notices it.

Matt Rosemier
photo Thanks for any ratings or critiques.

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