Cumulonimbus After Sunset

by Kelly Landrum

cumulonimbus after sunset seeking critique kelly landrum

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Category: Nature

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Published: Sunday 28th of January 2007 02:41:44 PM


Landrum Kelly
Thanks, everybody. I followed this single cell for over an hour, but I got no good lightning shots after dark because the E-20 is such a noisy camera in low-light, long-exposure situations. This particular shot was made just as the diffuse shadow of the earth began to climb the central core of convection, resulting in the nice color without the need for fiddling with the color balance. I'm not sure why the cirrus plume was not brighter, unless perhaps there were clouds to the west and northwest which softened the effects of the sun. Ken, praise from an old storm chaser like yourself is particularly welcome. This one I was able to follow from the driveway. It did a good bit of damage in two nearby counties. It drifted from the NNW to the SSE, a pattern which is atypical except in the very heat of summer in these parts. (This one was shot in August.) --Lannie

Kenneth Fugate
WOW amazing shot Oh Landrum just outstanding! This photo is absolutely beautiful! . I love the lighting and the color

Kim Slonaker
Great cloud formation, Lannie. Nothing blown out, yet some detail in the darker areas, too. Nicely done.

Pnina Evental
Very unusual formation of clouds Lannie, sky in fire. well observed.

Peter van Nugteren
Very impressive shot! Incredible colors.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Peter. --Lannie

Tyler Wind
Great color and clarity in this shot! The detail is very impressive. By the way, I don't know if you've stopped by recently but I have some new Charleston shots if you care to see them--I always try to give you a photo tour of your Low Country home since you aren't around to see it! I also made it down to Hunting Island Lighthouse--haven't gotten my shots processed yet but will let you know when I do since you recommended that I go shoot there a while back. Hope you're doing well!

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Kim. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Tyler. I will be dropping by to see what you have captured recently. --Lannie

Kim Tural
Great shot! Love how the setting sun is lighting up this towering beauty! Kim

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Patsy. The earth was already in darkness, but the storm (which must have been ten miles high) was still brightly lit. I like the lower clouds that are picking up a bit of color, off to the left. --Lannie

Patsy Dunn
Landrum, This is a beautiful shot. I love the sky especially early and late afternoon. Great shot. Regards, Patsy

Aldemar A

:O !!!!!!! no words.

Landrum Kelly
Cumulonimbus After Sunset Thanks for viewing.


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