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Published: Sunday 28th of January 2007 11:29:52 AM


Paul Louis Villani
Skin looks like silk! Well done John!

Vartan Martaian
Very nice photo, John. I like her attitude, she looks very confident in herself, and the b/w works perfectly here. 7/6

Takuji Takahashi
It's very beautiful!

John Peri
Thanks, I take that as a compliment, but I would say quite honestly that it is an after effect of my approach because in general I do not pose my models. Of course I suggest that they stand here or there and help them to choose the clothing whatever, and I certainly do occasionally move a foot or an arm away that is staring me in the face, but otherwise I let them be. The result is that once she is comfortable with the camera, a model will start to be herself and adopt a position or gesture that is natural for her. Sometimes, as above, a model will also express her personality. This young lady did the bulk of the work for the "the loneliness of a young lady in a big city". I had no way of imagining such a theme on first meeting her. I just followed her around. It came naturally to her.

John Peri
Thank you Brad, that is indeed the point. She's holding back, looking at us defiantly ... no entry, hence the "room of secrets". She also forms the triangle with her arm that empowers women ... closed circuit. As for your work, it sets the standard for so many others of us. Thank you for your contribution to PN.

Alon Eshel
The composition and posing are wonderful . I miss a bit of sharpness

Harvey King
is she a professional model? hard to imagine an amature can be this confident! Harv

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Very nice work John - the model's gaze really draws you.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, super b&w, John Alberto

Brad Kim
A room full of secrets.... What a wonderful work, John! Most photographers would have composed with wall and bookshelf straight up. But you've made it with slanting angle and countered them with the bodyline of the subject, creating the tension in the image. What a perfect set up for A Room Full of Secrets! I noticed you visited many of my works yesterday and left warm, kind comments. Thank you, John! It is always an honor to receive your visits.

John Peri
Memories Michael ... often they weigh heavily on our shoulders.

John Peri
The only piece of genius on this page David is the profundity of your writings.

Michael Meneklis
Very nice shot and lighting John. Who is pushing the wall from the other side ? :)

John Peri
A rare ocassion when the model does pose professionally, yes. But I encounter such confidence in many young women today.

David McCracken
Samson I like how you have made it look like she is propping up the wall. Samson never looked so wonderful. Well done! You are a genius!

Steffen Drache
What is more to tell than David has done... :-)))

pepe alias boulette

John Peri
Thank you Alon, you are right of course. I used window light only for this one and the wide aperture did not allow for any failures.

Beepy .
I just like your images. I'll say it again - you are good at making environmental nudes (shall we say). The images don't look forced or awkward. They have a casual air, a relaxed mood. You've inspired me to clean my house and do some nudes.

John Warner
Outstanding model. Great capture :O)

John Peri
A room full of secrets .

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