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Published: Sunday 28th of January 2007 01:35:22 AM


Janis OKelley
I will think about Traci....I was always told "we are the choices we make". I have a hard time with that when I see all the "Traci's" out there. Bless you Traci. Very moving shot Matt. J

Doug Berryhill
This is one where the message is much more important that the medium. What I find myself wanting to know is about Traci's life, rather than whether the picture should be in color or gray.

Matt Rosemier
Traci This one is as much Street as it is Portrait, really, especially since Traci was living out on the street when I met her. I still can't decide if I this shot works better for me in color or B&W (the B&W is in my portfolio). Ok, maybe I'm a little partial to the color version or I wouldn't have chosen that one to post. Thank you for any and all ratings/critiques.

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