Bike Wreck

by Rosemier Matt

bike wreck seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Sunday 28th of January 2007 12:53:49 AM


klaus liebert
that's a tipic photojornalist shot. The quality isn't the best but, one second more trying to get a bether composition and bether camera configurations, and you would have lost the moment. The picture just rememerd me another one from a famous brasilian photojornalist Evandro Teixeira witch you can see at the following link.

Matt Rosemier
Bike Wreck My wife and I were walking home and when we got to the intersection above, we heard a big *BANG* and a man came sliding across the road toward us on his side, along with his his motorcycle. The car you can see behind the police car had hit him. The cop arrived almost immediately. He must have been very close by. The motorcyclist said he wasn't hurt, but he was limping. any and all ratings/critiques welcomed, with thanks.

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