In God We Trust II

by Szulecki Joshua

in god we trust ii seeking critique szulecki joshua

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Published: Saturday 27th of January 2007 11:43:28 PM


Andre Easter
No.. not since the Marxists took control of the education system 30 years ago. But look on the bright side Josh; we now have "diversity" and political correctness as our guiding light. Oh joy.

Paul Chamberlain
an answer? You ask if we still do? I have this horrible feeling that the answer is no we don't, or that those that do are misunderstanding the message! I hope I am proved wrong. Nice pic though

Alyssa Panetta
not bad this is pretty powerfull... i like that "in god we trust" is in focus. not bad.

Joshua Szulecki
Do we still? Let me know what you think?

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