by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 27th of January 2007 08:05:11 PM


Michael Meneklis
Apart of the beautiful girl and pose, I like very much the percentage of cream, black and red. The balance of light is also perfect.

Alon Eshel
Very good shot with the known high quality . I love the appearance of red in different spots in the photo , It makes the composition much more interesting and attractive to the eye

Thomas Collins
Another superb image! I like how you used the lamp to provide a nice rim light on her arm and breast. And you balanced out the overall contrast nicely with the second light to the right illuminating the wall. Who is looking at shoe size?

John Peri
They are mine! Thank you for the entertaining, though somewhat less instructive comment. I would imagine that the foot slides forward when sitting in such a posture. Personally, I have wider feet.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, super colors. John. Alberto

Shilesh Jani
Shoe "Who cares anyway" ........that the shoe is a couple of sizes too big for her?

A.K. Sircar
Very good composition,exposure,light and colors,John.

C. Daunis
I agree with Alon about the red, it is a great means to get the eye all over this image. There's no real reason to leave the model, but you get my drift :)

John Peri
Who cares anyway .... .

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