by Simon Janosch

untitled seeking critique simon janosch

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Published: Friday 26th of January 2007 10:11:29 PM


Dean Agar
Not a lot to criticize here. Eyes look spectacular, everything else is great.

Adolfo Valente
Very beautifu portrait. I like the crop and the excellent B&W!

Eneko Saratxaga
uhmm... ........... No words Just amazing. Eneko

M Swift
What a beautiful face. I have to get me a ring flash. I love the look you have achieved here.

Paulo Merloti
Are you using a ring flash? The photo is simply amazing, the level of softness on her skin... Now, what about her right eye? In some portrait books, they mention to check which eye is the smaller one and position the model in a way that the smaller eye is in the short face. I'm sure there is a reson here why, would you care to share with us?

Isaac Madera
toooo good

Darrel Booth
Catchlights I love the image but find the catchlights in her eyes distracting. Darrel

christopher george
deeper thought this is a great picture with very soft lights &tones and to boot the catchlights in her eyes add an even greater sence of mystery!!!! goldenbear210@aol.com respond please?

Kombizz Kashani
simply beatiful

Janosch Simon
"Emi Angel" please look at the large version! kind reagrds Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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