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Published: Friday 26th of January 2007 05:12:55 PM


Matt Rosemier
That's ok, Fred, I appreciate you taking the time to put your thoughts about this shot into words. Why does is trhis one "special" to me (and yeah it is or i wouldn't have posted it)? Hmm. lemme try to explain. This one really works for me (and maybe I have failed worse than you think that I didn't capture this about the guy), because the subject, "Ali"; a street performer who has emigrated to Paris from Morrocco had this incredible inner strength. His body is banged up pretty bad and he doesn't walk well, but when he performs there is a magic and a grace that transcend physical limitations. He and i had this instant rapport, and even though my French is extremely poor, and his English was non-existent, we had a meeting of the souls that really touched me. In portrait work, it is the goal of the artist to capture some of the soul of his/her subject. had i done that with Ali, then you would be insperedc by his portrait and would stop to look at this powerful man trapped in a crippled body. so yeah, I failed, and it deserves a 3/3. my video of him does even less justice to his performance, but I have about a minute of it here on my youtube account.

Matt Rosemier
Ali, Paris Street Performer any ratings/comments welcomed. Thanks.

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