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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 20th of January 2007 12:59:29 PM


Yiannis Dimkopoulos
Photo Photo

Yiannis Dimkopoulos
The "guy above" is right. I am only kidding JOHN. If you think about cropping this photo i prefer to crop the door. I think its not straight and little distracting plus you going to emphasize more the girl. Yiannis

Frunze Verdi
Original version is better to me. This is your stile and I love it. Keep it up. Thnks.

Alon Eshel
Very tough girl :) , Nicely composed

John Peri
I am not sure if it works better as a tighter crop?

John Peri
To me, a very interesting comment Arthur, thank you. Personally, I agree, but then very often I am told that there is unecessary material in my images. Frankly, I even like bare walls occasionally, because I find that they give perspective and serve to focus attention on the subject in the frame.

Arthur Baas
Well, most of the times the unnecessary material in your images make them often stand out of the crowd. I'm sure most people get directly drawn towards the subjects, because they are always very strong. Then comes the background, very often it's ways cool to see what's going on around the main subject, making alot of people feel directly comfortable.

Alberto Quintal
Great tones, super blacks, very nice shot, John. Alberto

Arthur Baas
I think the uncropped version is better because the background doesn't allow a tighter crop here. Both the left and right side of the image leave some room for breath, the door on the left side is open: if cropped, it's a closed door, same happens on the right side. If cropped, it all feels a little imprisoned. But okay, that's my opinion.

Michael Meneklis
The lighting, the pose and the whole script is excellent.Her look is very interesting and I think you should make some portraits of her emphasizing in the triangle eyes mouth.

Glenn Stear
Why are you asking for critique here, with the body of work you have on this site? 'If you don't know now' comes to mind. The crop issue comes down to personal preference, I prefer uncropped. Excellent work.

Neil Peters
I like Arthur's comments, the wider crop allows it to breathe without overwhelming. With this tonal range, even in a panoramic scene, the eye would know where to naturally travel. Nice angled pose with piercing eyes.

Paul Louis Villani
Yeah, the tighter crop works but when you start out with a great piece a crop here or there isn't going to change a great piece! As always, top class work from a top class photographic artist!

John Peri
HEATHER: the "guy above" is me ! Thank you for expressing your preference. Liked the michievous part also, thank you! GLENN: strange question and I really don't know what to answer. Is there a number of photos after which should stop to ask for critiques. Personally, I feel that I have made a lot of progress since joining PN by seeking out people's comments. I hope to continue to improve in this manner. I have difficulties sometimes in getting close enough to my subjects as I see them in the context of their surroundings. I am trying to learn the art of tighter crops. Many thanks for passing by. PAUL: many thanks. I have a long long way to go still and hope to continue learning ... :-)

John Peri
A young City lady A painter ..

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