Setting up for a Bar Mitzvah

by Downs Jim

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Published: Saturday 20th of January 2007 11:43:55 AM


Jim Downs
Setting up for a Bar Mitzvah I was visiting the elaborate villa and gardens of Vizcaya on Christmas Eve afternoon in Miami. About 3 PM a fleet of trucks from a catering company entered the grounds and begin setting up for an elaborate Bar Mitzvah. There were 30 or so waiters to serve the guests and six photographers to record events. A man stood on the main road outside the grounds with a big sign that said, "'Rent a Bartender' employees Enter Here". These 8 feet tall white inflatables were raised along both sides of the long entry walkway. I am not knowledgeable enough about Jewish culture to know their exact meaning but I trust a viewer will fill us in. After the inflatables were in place, the young Latino boy was assigned the task of removing about 200 poinsettias as these plants were apparently deemed a bit too Christian for the occasion! I welcome any further details anyone can provide.

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