Red Velvet Mite with Prey

by Melanson Jody

red velvet mite with prey canon eos d mark ii n sigma m melanson jody

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Category: Macro

Published: Sunday 14th of January 2007 11:43:00 PM


Curtis Forrester
7/7 Great capture!

Jan Piller
Wow!!!! How does one "find" a mite, let alone take a picture of it!! And doubley so take a picture of it in the middle of dinner??????? Wow!!

Peter Welsh
WELL DONE !! Very good Macro shot here Jody how did you do this? I can barely see these little mites with my naked eye.. They just look like moving red dots to me :)) ..

Alpo Syvänen
Absolutely stunning capture. Even the helpless and empty look in the eyes of the prey, work so well. I am overwhelmed. 7/7 and lots of extra points above the normal rating. Alpo

Jody Melanson
Velvet Mite with Prey. This Velvet Mite is the size of a pinhead. The bug that he is eating is about 1/2 a mm.

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