Zs 774

by Peri John

zs fashion artistic glamour nude johnperi portrait se peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 1

Tags: fashion artistic glamour nude johnperi portrait seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 14th of January 2007 05:30:51 PM


Sweid Sideris
She is great John, she has a stunning body language and face expression, the camera loves her. Great composition breaking some standard rules (I love it) of the standard photographers... But you aren't a standard photographer... :-)

John Peri
Thanks Peter, that was my first impression, but I tried what Sonny said and it's true that she does fill up the screen so as to say! Many thanks, John

Sweid Sideris
I was and I still kidding too John, you know, all those stupid comments about I'm getting older, my available hormones stock... he he. No way my friend, no way.

John Peri
Sonny, I left it essentially because it was there. But I tried it and you are right, it's probably better without the passageway. Thank you. John

Peter Meade
Hello John, in fact I like that area on the right. The model and her pose are a wonderful example of glamour, as the others have said, it's all very sexy. Having part of the image given over to the kitchen, just serves to remind us we also remain in the real world.

Alberto Quintal
John That look, very sexy, great contrast. Cheers. Alberto

Sonny DeLeo
WOW Very sexy and inviting. Great pose with good contrast. I might have cropped out the right side and left your model only backed with the white background. Just an observation. <>< Sonny <><

John Peri
It's a joke .. the "compliment" for me is to be told that I don't obey the rules of other photographers !! Ahh, and I went to look at 767 ... of course it is a compliment also ... !

John Peri
.. Ha ha, now that's a compliment ... thank you!

Sweid Sideris
Hey John, do you think that my last comment dropped on ZS 767 isn't a compliment? He he... of course it is, but if you don't think that, then just guess that perhaps the problem with my complains is very similar to the beauty... sleeps in the sight of the observer... or in my structurated brain... ;-D

Michael Meneklis
Very nice girl and excellent grey tones.

Tore Nilsson
I like her expression, the pose and composition works fine too. Best regards Tore

Rakesh Dhareshwar
She is awesomely beautiful. Lovely shot .

John Peri
Lady and a stool .

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