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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 14th of January 2007 01:21:52 AM


A Wolf
I dont think John i have been watching your work for a long time, I dont think you can take a bad picture of woman!!! I love the shot! i think it pose would work in any form! would love to see her in bronze or something!! i only know of a few photographers i would want to hang out with for a day ...you're one of them!!! Allan~

Jim Phelps
John, Beatiful as usual. do you remenber the name of the painting?

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, John Cheers. Alberto

Jodi N
Hi John, I really like the lighting on this one, did you use your regular bounced flash or more of a ring-flash on this one? I don't believe ever seen your images with this kind of lighting before. It's too bad that I missed your New York trip, I would have like to meet you. I have a question for you, if you have the time, please email me at jnphotography at g mail. Thanks.

Robert Farnham
Very nice treatment on this one, John.

Paul Louis Villani
Great mood and nice PS work John.

Massimo Santoni
Very sensual pose and the low lighting emphasize the scene. Well done as alwais.

C. Daunis
John, this is exceptional.

Robert Gordon
Very unlike most of your work, but an excellent image. This model is stunning!

Michael Meneklis
It's an amazing shot and girl.There is a 3D feeling with the right lighting.I must thank you for your kind comments on my shot.Everyone has his personal contradictions and I am not the exception.

Neil Peters
Really strong intensity here, in light and expression, the dark outline around her, even more surreal, I really love this.

Steffen Drache
This is one of the best and most erotic pictures I know from you, I like it very much. Not everytime I write under your pictures because my English is not so good and sometimes I have no words. I like your work a lot!!!

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan You have certainly captured a feel here in line with what has inspired you.

John Peri
Jodi, I emailed you, but you could also contact me directly through photo net which gives you our email address. To answer your question, yes it was the usual bounce flash, but I processed the picture through PS.

John Peri
Inspired by a Toulouse Lautrec painting that I saw recently.

John Peri
A. WOLF, I have met some truly wonderful people through PN .... Bill, Chris, Robert, Natasha, Victoria ... and others still that I will not mention because their pictures are posted here. You are most welcome to look me up if you pass through Paris, the pleasure will be entirely mutual.

John Peri
Portrait a young lady .

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