Oil of OLAY

by bipul hassan

oil of olay seeking critique bipul hassan

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Published: Saturday 13th of January 2007 07:18:59 PM


Tim Corridan - Queen Creek, Arizona
i think its awsumn.

Ruslan Lavrentyev
All is good, but unbelievable, do you really shoot for a worldwide cosmetic company with the amateur camera and a bad, cheap zoom? Even wedding photographers use better equipment... Usually professionals for this class of orders use Hasselblad H2 or Canon EOS 1DS Mark2 + a top notch lens... ...And what for is that logo in the pic?

b m
I hate to get pedantic with Ruslan above -- but the request for comment was for technique and not the quality of the image. If you don't have anything concrete to critique -- keeping silent is a tasteful alternative. I'm curious -- does everyone in Russia use Hasselblad H2's for cheesecake photos? At one point I think you could create great images with Zenits or anything else. Clearly this is a hobby for Hassan. My Kudos to Hassan -- great eye for feeling and content. You can definitely afford better than Hasselblad digital someday if you keep it up!!

hassan bipul
Winter Cosmetics Commercial Dummy Shot. Let me now your Comments. Single Soft Box, Raw converted to JPG.

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