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Published: Thursday 11th of January 2007 03:34:00 PM


John Peri
Michael Should I say you are wrong ... :-)

John Peri
Jennifer Strange, a woman expounding the virtues of the presence of another woman in the kitchen ... :-) Well Jennifer, it is I that made the coffee actually. The model sat on the shelf and waited as you can see! That being said, one shot does not exclude another and I took lots in sequence in the kitchen, some of which may well respond better to your cirteria ... thanks for passing by. Oh, I'm adding one just for you that you may find more appropriate .., not the same model though!

Tanya Truong
I agree with Biliana's comment. Better yet, her beauty still shines even being tired. It's no wonder why women just let you ..."run around" them all day photographing them. They know they will get great shots from you no matter what ;o). Tanya

Light& Shadow
The cropped version works much better.

Alon Eshel
Ho John , This is so beautiful . Her gaze is so wonderfuly sad and the skin-tone is very real/natural . The eye have strong penetrating power , one can't ignore such a look

Peter Meade
Hello John, given your previous post with this model, brandishing the knife, this looks like the calm after the storm. I like the impromptu shots one can get with a subject when they are no longer posing. Sometimes they are relaxed and vulnerable and sometimes they are seething, but always, they are themselves. P

Alberto Quintal
John Agree, EXCELLENT, Alberto

Robert Farnham
Excellent photo, John. Good choice with the crop. She (and you) made some very good photos that tiring day. ...Robert

John Peri
This time, I was inspired to crop ...

Antanas Strazdas
Very excellent mood 7/7 and +

Kenneth Fugate
7-6 Very nice John

Michael Meneklis
Very nice portrait of a beautiful girl, John. I like that you put her in the kitchen, just woke up and boring to make coffee. A shot that shows somebody who really loves girls.

Jenny Catron
Choosing a location should be just as important as choosing the model. And then another amount of time choosing the way that the model will be part of her surroundings. You're obviously in the kitchen... so why not have her do what women do in the kitchen just in a portrait kind of way?

Rafal Bobrowski
....... Thanks for your photos John.......

John Peri
Biliana, when it is done with commitment, it is very tiring to pose for a photographer. A lot of mental energy is used up. I have seen models exhausted sometimes at the end of the day. This one is no exception.

Neil Peters
And often when a model/ subject gets tired, a hidden aspect of their personality shines through in their eyes and movements; as seen here, a look only her closest friends get to see. True eyes.

Sweid Sideris
Who knows, perhaps because I'm getting older, perhaps my imagination is claiming for more exercises, perhaps my hormones supply is going down, or perhaps because I'm saturated with full nudity by TV, cinema and magazines, then I'm becoming more selective and trying to find meanings in subtle images, so this ZS 767 is the kind of nudes I do prefer. The body language of this awesome young woman is absolutely mesmerising. Excellent John. (edited today 15 january to avoid confusion)

John Peri
How nicely put Neil, thank you, Tanya too. I do to have the privilege of being such close friends with this model, though she is adorable, but some very initimate moments are indeed shared together in photography during which normal barriers break down and nothing else really matters. I am flattered to imagine that it may show just a little above.

Jerry Matchett
THE EYES... ... making camera (& viewer) contact is what does it for me John.

John Peri
Casual portrait .. while waiting for the coffee to brew .....

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