"Sunset in Vung Tau"

by Tsoi Wilson

sunset in vung tau seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 10th of January 2007 08:38:35 PM


Iva Petkovic
very very nice and artistic composition! bravo!

Kim Slonaker
I like the interaction between the men. Gives this a more unusual feel than the usual "boats in sunset" pictures.

Linda Keagle
Wilson, the composition here is really perfect, but what I love is the lit up flags at the top of the masts along the horizon...excellent!

David McCracken
More or less... The composition is excellent but I can't help but feel I want to see more or less of the two characters in the boats.

Sondra Kicklighter
Beautiful image, I love the way the flags seem to glow and the silhouettes. Well seen, but I would'nt expect anything less.

Dave Dube
Great Story! Wilson, for me, you've made the sun a perfect size but a little too droopy. The color overlay works nicely. Aesthetically, Palm trees would be better than the current background boats.

Oops, I started dreaming. Great Photo!

Warm Regards, Dave

Pnina Evental
Magic atmospher Wilson, with a human connection under the dim light.. beautiful composition.

Leslie Battjes
Wilson, I agree about the two men...their interaction is wonderful. I also love the contrast of the two small boats in the foreground against a backdrop of much larger vessels. The bit of color in the flags and the sunset itself all add to this shot nicely. Leslie

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
The interactions between the two brings this down to the viewer's level. We all chat with our colleagues at work now and then. These two men are doing just that. They just have a better backdrop.

Mark O.
Like this one... I prefer this one to the other version. The reason is because the boats behind have almost too much detail in the other image. This one keeps them in the shadows somewhat, whereas the other makes them so obvious and doesn't allow the mind to fill in what it knows is there. Plus, I enjoy the colour of this one more. Your work is great! M.

Wilson Tsoi
"Sunset in Vung Tau" Two water taxi friends conversing with fishing boats in background.

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