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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Wednesday 10th of January 2007 12:00:51 AM


John Peri
In my experience as a photographer, the model has a unique understanding of what it's all about. She is an accomplice, not a subject matter and could stand equally well on either side of the lens, not meaning of course that I could replace her in the doorway ... lol

John Peri
Thanks Paul. Hum, yes we tried that I think ... :-)

Light& Shadow
Excellent shot but IMHO the billboard reflection draws attention from the stunningly beautiful young lady in the foreground.

C. Daunis
The work you got from this young woman is amazing. The Kate billboard is simply perfect here.

Alberto Quintal
Very creative, John, also excellent B&W, lovely model. Regards. Alberto

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, How did you manage the light? Its awesome.

Bobby Lewis
This model is simply spectacular. Beautiful and confident. Love the billboard in the background as well.

Christopher N
Outstanding image and great technical work. Good job!

Alan Parkes
great attitude in that pose

John Peri
I bounced a flash attached to the camera off the wall to the side. The billboard across the other side of the street advertising Bloomingdale's had it's own lighting focused on it. It was at least 20 feet in length.

Paul Sharratt
Daring... Now come on John. You know you could be on the other side of the lens too. Not sure if the comments would be the same (beautiful and daring...)but it would give the women viewers something to think about. My wife is always commenting on the lack of stunning male nudes on these photo sites ... As for the image, I always enjoy what the crew - photographer and model(s)- brings to the table or window. Would she/could you have photographed her in the same position as the billboard?

Pawel Sawicki

Naomi marie
Beautiful Beautiful and daring!!

John Peri
Night Porter Entrance to the apartment building with banner across the street

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