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by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Tuesday 9th of January 2007 05:26:33 PM


Fernando Kaz
as soon as I saw the photo, I remembered the painting and I knew you did this one.... just a question.....why croped the faces..??? beautiful work...

Naomi marie
Wonderful This is fantastic John! wonderful concept.

John Peri
Thank you Michael and Naomi Marie.

Fernando Yarce
The one you posted is wonderful, but, the original one is ....is....wow.... thanks for share your art. fyarce.

A.K. Sircar
Excellent concept of rendering old masters in a new way. I always consider you as one of the New Master of Photography.

Thomas Collins
Another outstanding image John! And I like the full size version as well. You truly are visting the moon for your models!

John Peri
I created several crops, from full scale to close up. I chose to post this one for the moment, so as to concentrate on the body lines and gesture.

John Larson
Kill Bill Rocks, so do your photos! Beautiful models, Love the crop and B&W. The original colored version is also wonderful. Thank you for sharing the info about the painting, learned something new.

Bobby Lewis
Lovely and provocative. Simply beautiful lighting and models.

John Peri
"The Sisters", The Louvre, Paris.

David McCracken
The illusion of suggestion... There is a harsh line caused by your 'on camera flash' that makes me wonder if those commenting on your photos have actually looked at it. As for the idea... I like and admire it a lot. Unlike a painting of historic times, the modern viewer requires a little more evidence of what they are looking at. I often hide the faces of my models but when there are two of them, I don't call them sisters.

John Peri
Hy Domenico, thank you for your kind remarks! If you deal in glamour photography, then technically speaking, the ingredients are important. It's the same with cooking. Many of the girls that grace my pages are gorgeous. The one above of course is outstanding (her sister too ... lol). She landed in a field not far from here and I invited her to stay with me for a few days, which she did before flying off again. The problem is that I don't know where to send her photos.

Domenico Gargarella
so perfect ... Hi John, let me to congratulate again with you. You've such extraordinary eyes, to catch outstanding and out of the box emotions. On top of that I really cannot understand how you can find such beautifull and perfect model .. are they coming from the Moon?!!? :-) ciao ciao Domenico

John Peri
Magical Twins Tanya ... :-) The painting was done at the end of the 16th century by an anonymous artist from the School of Fontainebleau. It is said to represent Gabrielle d'Estrees who was a mistress of King Henry IV, and one of her sisters. He was quite a naughty guy!

Steffen Drache
At first I thought when I saw your picture was the painting you show below, I had to laugh as I scrolled the page down... :-) I like your interpretation of the painting!

Tanya Truong
John! This painting is my one of my most favorite paintings in the Lourves. When i first saw your image, i immediately thought of this painting. Well! i was only able to afford the ...postcard :o(. BTW, do you have the info. on the painter and the history of this painting?. i want to know everything about this painting (Sorry! i may sound more exciting about the painting than your photo because the painting has given me so much excitement and curiousity :o)). BTW! how did you do that?!!!. Are they twins or you did some magic on the photo?.

Alec Ee
A delightfully wicked shot John. Nice in black & white.

John Peri
Thank you Biliana, Steven. Hum, isn't she further from the wall ... ha ha ... don't take away the mystery though .... actually, I always wondered with the Louvre shot if there were really two persons or if the artist just painted the same one twice ... :-)

Steven Jeffrey
Photoshop twins I am betting this is one model, photoshop magic. Lack of shadows on the background on the left figure makes it look as if she was added to the image. Awesome image nonetheless.

Michael Meneklis
Dirty boy... Unfortunately for the painting I prefer your synthesis. The morality is in our everyday life. From the moment we awake till the moment we go back to our bed. But the hypocrisy of the neo-puritans will attack again to you John. We prefer the video of Sadam and the photo of his dead body. We prefer the moral photos of dead bodies from the non xxx war. We also prefer the aesthetics of "Hannibal" and " Kill Bill" !!!

David Vatovec
This is one of Your best John. Keep it up!

Naomi marie
A artist and joyous sensualist "Whether he is an artist or not,the photographer is a joyous sensualist, for the simple reason that the eye traffics in feelings, not in thoughts".......Walker Evans

Ronald K

Clive Rapier
The Louvre, Paris. I wanna go there! to see great ART at the Louvre !! :)

John Peri
Sisters Inspired by the painting in the Louvre .. see below

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