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Published: Tuesday 9th of January 2007 12:03:35 PM


Biswajit Pandey
Extraordinary lighting, just beautiful. Regards

Glenn Norris
Link above... I just followed Ahmed's link from above to the photographer with the same style but to me it looks like the exact same work... I am a little confused.... some of the locations are the exact locations used in Rarindra's, no mistake. Glenn

fereydoun milani
I can't understand You use this fantastic light in all of your photos, it makes me crazy so I can't understand how you could find it. I tried to found a way to take some photo like you but I couldn't. I like this golden light.your photos are awesome.

bahhod Ahmed
He is following your way Salam Rarindra, first of all, i would like to say that you've done a great and amazing work. You're talented. I found this photograph who seems to follow your way, he is also indonesian (I think so). From this, i'm asking, is there an indonesian style of photograhy ? http://janushand.multiply.com/photos/album/13 Keep up the good work, Rarindra...:) Salam. Ahmed. ps: sorry for my english ;)

Emanuele Bossi
Lets stop a minute I mean, the result is superb... but I guess a better place could be photoshop.net . May be too much photoshop work on each photo.even if every one says that the light is fantastic I can see different light mistake. Shadow for example are not completely right with this light direction. Other photos has this problem in the portfolio. But no one care couse it's a great job. And so what we are talking about, post-pro or making photograph? Can anybody reply to this critique? Redrinda... my quote is 7/7 6/7 so it's a costructive critique... congrats! E.E.B.

Geir Røsset
The light is fantastic, has a fairy tale quality to it. Composition is also great.

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Excelente imagen de gran belleza, magnifica luz, color, gran encuadre y una magnifica composicion, saludos cordiales Rarindra.

Ron ter Burg
Amazing light in this picture. The boy in the wood is outstanding. Good work. Regards, Ron www.terburg.net

Kerry Harrison
Magical! Rarindra, All of your images are so very magical. The atmosphere you create, the way you capture you subject, it tells a beautiful story. The images remind me of illustrations. So powerful! Lovely! I can't wait to see more. Best Regards, Kerry

Dale L
Emanuele, damn - let's get a small digicam and go try :)

Vince C.
golden light You are the master of lighting!

Rina H
Manipulated or not it is a very lovely picture !

Tiffany Oreglia
AMAZING!! WOW! I just checked your portfolio, all of your work is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Pulok Pattanayak
Amazing light.

Dale L
This is another great shot among all of Rarindra's great shots. I think what Emanuele might be getting at maybe is that a lot of comments are about what great light there is but that it's photoshopped light (I dunno, I don't know what Rarindra does to get the images posted here). The compositions are good too but maybe no different than the many other fine photographers here but what separates Rarindra's from a some of them maybe be the mastery of photoshop granted one must understand light to manipulate it but as Emanuele mentioned, the light is sometimes not consistent with the physical world. We can probably go off on a tangent pretty quick by talking about real world perception and imagination.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Tank you I dont know why many photographers try to follow my way... but they fail.

Peter Chandra Alam
Wah mantap sekali bang. Udah go Internasional. so magic.

Dale L
Rarindra, they follow because you got amazing work ... I wish I could do that too.

Vittorio Pellazza
Another of you magic photos, played with magic colors. Congratulations sorcerer ;)

Eugene Xie
Just great. It takes my breath away!

Xiang Gao
Excellent work. Beautifully done.

Jacco Zwarst
Just magic!

Michel Latendresse
simply beautiful Rarinda. I love the warm light and the colors. Your composition is also very interesting. Great image

Jeff H
Fantastic shot. Literally looks like a painting! Great work Check out my portfolio at www.photo.net/photos/JFrey43

Emanuele Bossi
Same forest, different photographer It seems to me that it's quite easy to find a great light in this place in the morning... take a look of this photo of the same forest: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tjetjep/160906277/ So don't go crazy if you cannot understand how this shot can be done. My job is absolutely not the photographer, I'm a film Composer, and in music things are very similar... If the film is bad, no one will listen to his music, even if is very well done. In this case, the primary material, this forest, is awesome. ...and yes "the right place whit the wrong photographer is the same as the right photographer in the wrong place" ;) Rarindra, never think I'm degrading your ecxellent work,... only I can't stand people who say:"How?How?How?" and spend their life asking how and not "Why?"... Best regards, your fun, Emanuele E. Bossi, From Italy

Cally Golding
Amazing Light >Really lovely shot. Extremely pleasing to the eye. Thanks for sharing.

Fernando Lyra
To be appreciated in respectful silence. Magnificent.

Teera Phatrapornnant
Great job!!

Emanuele Bossi
Glenn you're right... I am astonished... It seems to me that you only need to point and shot to have a great result in this place, due to the incredible NATURAL light... Ahmed link has resolved many question... Tks!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
beatiful photo, very good colors, compotition , and light congratulations

Emanuele Bossi
About what I sayd Happy that my "provocation" caused this interesting discussion... Rarindra is right... Emulating her job does not have any sense to me... may be some photographer will rest in peace if Rarindra show him this shot "as the 2,5" digital camera diplay" ;)

wednesday Ego
AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!

Dale L
Rarindra, why? ;-) Jaideep, then the student becomes the master ;-)

Derek Feng
Super I have been amazed by your work for a while. I simply do not see many people who could have the skill in dealing with the light as you do. Almost every your picture catches my attention immediately. They are really really beautiful.

Jaideep Karmakar
Why other people fail! I think other people fail because they have not mastered the software you are using. Lets be fair to all; why don't you load a picture that is least manipulated. That way we get to see your photography talent and your sense of utilizing light. Your compositions are excellent; having said that, I would love to see them with least manipulation.

Dale L
I agree with you Emanuelle, and I think that's why the consensus is that although Rarindra has modest equipment, she understands the art of light (though maybe not the physics since you pointed out some shadow issues) and uses that to get gorgeous photos.

Becky Brill
Spectacular image. Becky

Hekate Hek
sheer beauty !

Dale L
Emanuele, we probably shouldn't hijack this thread here, but I guess art is interpretive and we can look at it any way we want, as a representation of reality, a distortion of reality or something in between. But having said that, the physics of it all is probably not that important as long as we like looking at it.

Emanuele Bossi
To Dale Since beginning of time a good photo is made 50/50 of good subject and good photographer... whatever camera you're using... ;)

Emanuele Bossi
Peter, i think it's a secret... Do you really think beethoven would tell you the main theme of a simphony before he finished it? ;)

Peter Krenek
Rarindra, I also admire your PhotoShop skills. Could you show us what the picture looked like before the use of PhotoShop ? I would be very interested how much postprocessing contributes to the final look of this image. Thank you. Peter

Emanuele Bossi
Yes, Dale.. Shure... I'm a real fun of rarindra's world... Still asking me if she is a talented painter who like photography, or a talented photographer who like painting ;) Whatever, the job is astonishing... in some case I would like to see a bit more respect of physic, but is real important in the world of art and creation... may be not :)

Dale L
Emanuelle, it's not a secret - it's all in Photoshop ... the rendering light option - all you need is Rarindra's artistic know-how about where to and how to render it so it looks nice.

vito mcmillan
great picture...

Slavko Kersmanc

Mehmet Tüzün

George Koutsilieris

Torkwase Ahua
its like you took a small taste of myth and fed it to us on a platinum platter, i can practically taste the forest air, thats how hard this hit me, congratulations

Dianne Owen
This is stunning, the light makes the whole image speak to you. the loneliness of the figure on a journey shines through to. di

Kombizz Kashani
SIMPLY beautiful.
and that lighting technique.

Glenn Norris
I feel this is one of your recent best - absolute magic! Congrats... Glenn

Rarindra Prakarsa
West Java Boy Taken in Ciwidey Forest, West Java.

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