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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 8th of January 2007 11:30:47 AM


Bodyline Photos
John this is wonderfully created. The toning and the framing is superb. I paticulaly like the model bottom right creating a 3d effect.

Ruslan Lavrentyev
Hello, John. This is truly marvellous! Now I see, you are becomong nuts in editing. I like this and I suggest you to consider co-operation with some pin-up magzine. Solid, good work. 7/7

Jitka Unverdorben
Very nice, Jitka

Alon Eshel
Beautiful work with your high standard of colors and light . Great John

Fernando Kaz
so original...

Helen Kives
Hi John..I just think your skills with the camera and equipment are the best i've seen, always look forward to your presentations, most enjoyable....thanks

John Peri
A gross exageration, but many many thanks anyway Helen ... :-) The wonderful models are largely responsible for the success of many of my pictures. My only contribution, if any, is to make them understand how beautiful they are.

Jim Phelps
Great Overall! I really like both the model, the background, and especially the lighting in this image. They all blend to make it perfect, a 7/7 from me.

Allison Whitt
John, I think the shot is really quite fun. I love the sexy yet innocent look of the model, and the manipulation is perfect. I must say that I want to kick that table on the left out of the frame though.

Alberto Quintal
Excellent, John. Regards. Alberto

Michael Meneklis
Excellent synthesis and manipulation. The lighting, the colors and the poses construct an amazing painting. Michael.

Harvey King
A woman who is completely naked, with black stocking, yet display a touch of innocence. only you can do that, john. great work. Harv

Clive Rapier
great job!

Stephen Solomon
I'm fantasizing... that there are three of me! Great series combination and good use of lighting to make it all match up! Nice job!

John Peri
Dressing to go out a slightly cleaned up version that I cannot find (!) was published by PHOTO, Jan. 07

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