Taken on my way to work in Rahway, N.J. This was fairly common housing.

by Chepikian Paul

taken on my way to work in rahway nj this was fair chepikian paul

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Published: Sunday 7th of January 2007 10:25:30 AM


Kent B
This has so much atmosphere and character it almost feels like a children?s story book illustration. Beautiful colors and detail Paul.

Paul Chepikian
Hi David: Thanks for the kind words, really! First off, it was in Rahway, New Jersey, near Rahway State Prison. I used to work as an Art Director for a nearby record manufacturer designing album covers. During lunch, if I had enough gas in the car, I'd ride through town. You can see what kind of town it was. Here's the interesting part: I haven't done anything to this image! I think it may look like a filter simply because it was scanned from a slide. In addition, the film may have been grainy. And more importantly, it was close to the golden hour near sunset. It's actually one of my favorite images in that it came very close to what I was seeing with my eyes. I have even a more interesting story about this image I'll share later. Thanks again, Ken, for the kind words

David Meyer
Paul As an afterthought, where and when was this taken?

David Meyer
Paul Kent is so right. This is really beautiful. I don't know how you got those rich tones and that illustrator look, but you sure nailed it perfectly. The scene is a great starting point, and you surely composed it well, but the post processing has taken it to another level. Just fabulous.

Kent B
Thanks for sharing the story behind this photo Paul. A truly great story. Glad to get an update on you as well. cheers.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Marco: Wouldn't it be amazing if someday, all of us were able to actually sit somewhere, together, in the sun, put up our feet, grab a cup of coffee and talk! We all share common interests. I'll us this opportunity to share the story about this image for those who are interested. I entered the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazing Section Photo Contest with this image about 25 years ago. The rules were you could only enter on image. How do I pick? So I entered this one under my mothers name because I was a foolish young man with no life experience. Then I enetered another one under my name. Who would have thought. My mother won the contest. When they called her, she said they must be mistaken, it's her son they're looking for. Needless to say, are you listening foolish young men, I was disqualified. Valuable life lesson for Paul! I have no regrets since I walked away with a lesson that I cherish and value until today. That's why this photograph is so special to me. Yes, Marco, someday that cup of coffee... I am on the mend. Still some residual tingling in my right hand but I am now able to carry my camera without fear of dropping it. Thanks for asking and a great New Year to you as well.

Jack McRitchie
A great shot, Paul. Kind of Edward Hopper-esque in subject matter and tone. You've done a wonderful job of presenting this aged street that still valiantly maintains its dignity. Where others see a run down neighborhood you see the harmony of color and form and with your camera transform the harsh reality of life and the toll of passing years into a beautiful record of our past. And thanks for the anecdote, too. Half the fun is hearing the story behind the picture.

Marco Ruggiero
Both Ken and David said it all. It does look like a children's storybook cover.Great lighting and composition. I hope that you are well. We still have to have that cup. Best regards and a very happy new year 2007. Marco

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