Symmetrical forms/reflections on a freezing lake

by Soini Hannu

symmetrical formsreflections on a freezing lake seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Saturday 6th of January 2007 04:21:21 PM


Denis Fistanic
Hi Hannu, like you commented on my portfolio I do not play in PS. Only thing I use sometimes is Alien Skin Exposure. This is filter which is instaled in PS and make possible to see photo like you take it by "old" way with classic camera and classic film :)

Hannu Soini
Thank You for the info! Very kind of you. I do not use PS myself - so that is useful information if I would get one in the future. The "Old" Kodak diapositive films with the special "touch" are still in use and possible to get. However, the processing time and delivery might take up to 4 weeks but surely worth while experimenting in special occasions. So why not carry two camera bodies with you - one loaded with film one with the cell. At least that is very practical here in Finland where we do not have very much light right now. All the best ! and happy Shooting!

Hannu Soini
Cloud formations and patters on a freezing lake Fast color and cloud pattern formation around sunset time. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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