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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 6th of January 2007 12:50:35 AM


Les Berkley
On another point, she has a very sexy look and kinda retro, too. There's a Sixties feel to her hair and look that I like, and the b/w tones are excellent. I like the hand position, which is hard to get right on shots like this. And the touch of black lace... On the other point : I have no real problem with the little brother thing, and I think 'Ken James' has been making a lot of comments in his three days on PN. With his nonexistent portfolio. Could he also be 'Edward Wright' who was harassing folks a few days ago? I have no way to tell, and apologize if I am wrong, but the sound is very similar.

Tore Nilsson
I like the composition and the greyscale in this image. Here pose and expression is perfect for this image too. Best regards Tore

Allison Whitt
Ahh, dont take it too seriously...the absurd juxtaposition of it is kind of humorous.

ken james
ahh, allison - most people would not find this funny. ken

Gaetan Balbo
I think she is not really there.

Anthony J Deffina
Actually, if you look at the kids face in the lower photo...it's pretty damned funny! -Anthony

John Peri
Well, I certainly excell in the latter. Thanks Howard!

ken james
If she is in her little brother's room, then she and that entire family have a big problem! Look...she is a sexy lady...and the way you have her posed makes a pleasing line...and the lines around the door act nicely to frame her - but none of that matters - because she is standing seductively in front of a group of baby pictures, for Chist sake! The photo gives me the creeps - and it should you. This photo is in terrible taste. ken

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan You've done it once again, John - produced a simply beautiful image (and stirred a little controversy on the way!). Seriously, it is always good to see work of this level of quality on the site. Superbly sensual!

Michael Meneklis
Excellent pose, very nice grey tones and composition. The wall with photos adds to synthesis. Well done John. Michael.

John Peri
Women have babies Ken, I really didn't think of it that way. I don't create offensive pictures because I just don't think offfensively, sorry. Nor do I spend my time wondering how things may be interpreted by those that might. She has no brother. I just filled up the space with a silly title. That being said, there is no shame in nudity, only in people's minds, and most certainly my elder sister walked frequently in and out of my room! I didn't notice whether she was dressed or not, nor did I find her sexy in either case.

John Peri
Thank you Allison, thank you Anthony, that was the whole point. I just don't have a dirty mind and if I did, it's not here that I would post my photos.

John Larson
Beautiful An excellent nude, lighting pose. Her expression, perfectly innocent. She just wants to know if those stockings make her bum look big :)

Art Meripol
perfection no flaws, no faults, just great imagery, imagination. Lovely tones, balanced pose, sensual, female beauty and truly a bit retro in her hair style. i loved it.

John Peri
In little brother's room .

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