slowly falling flag

by Pew J. Glenn

slowly falling flag seeking critique pew j glenn

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Published: Friday 5th of January 2007 11:18:42 PM


Andre Easter
Strangely enough, I think that this could have been even better of a composition without the skydiver and flag. Of course framed as it is the photo is fine. But I was just imagining this composition in B&W -- and without the diver. You would have had to have used an orange filter... Don't mind me; I was just thinking with my fingers on the keyboard.

Ken Thalheimer
This can go 2 ways. While I agree with the above comment, one can also look at this as the aircraft provides very good framing for the chutist. The chutist also adds a touch of life to the shot

August Horvath
The trouble is that the skydiver is too insignificant really to be the subject of this picture, and doesn't contribute much as a compositional element either. I think I too would prefer it without the diver, and tilted up a little to catch the top of that impressive cloud. It would also be better, I think, if it were just the diver and cloud without the airplane; then you would get a sense of the enormity of the cloud behind the little diver; but as it is, the airplane throws that out of scale and diminishes the cloud.

J. Glenn Pew
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