Racoon hanging around

by Gricoskie Jared

racoon hanging around seeking critique gricoskie jared

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Category: Nature

Published: Thursday 4th of January 2007 05:38:56 AM


Edward Wright
Greetings Jared; I agree with your assessment that this picture would be much better with the racoons entire tail in the picture, but the close cropping is also what is making this such a nice picture. I would not extend the crop much past showing the entire tail. Great focus and the background compliments the colors of the racoon. Great timing!

Momo Vuyisich
I wish I could see all of his tail, but overall this is awesome! What a cute animal and a great photo. Thanks for sharing.

Jared Gricoskie
Racoon hanging around This was a lucky moment as a group of 3 young racoon's were hanging on the barn. I wish I could have had the entire tail, I have considered cropping from the top and bottom to make it more proportional.

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