Green Heron Looking for Lunch

by Downs Jim

green heron looking for lunch everglades np seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: N. America - USA - Florida Everglades

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Category: Wildlife

Published: Thursday 4th of January 2007 12:30:13 AM


Joe Csabai
Very nice capture,, I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Daniel R Tantono
Hi, Jim nice picture with new camera, happy new year 2007 - best regard Daniel

Dieter Schaefer
Pose is nicer than the previous post; more tension in the bird. Focus is a little bit off here too. Both are nice shots of a beautiful bird.

Mary Fran Loggans
Beautiful bird Jim, what beautiful colors. Nice shot.

William McCarey
Yes, even better... ...than the last one, which I really liked. Soft focus easily cured with double application of the unsharp mask. (My hand is twitching over the focus keys now, smile.) Might add a little more space to the left?? Definitely a first year bird with the yellow legs. I'm envious of this shot as I all I've ever seen is these birds flying by above the treetops of the rivers around here. 6/6

Margaret Woodall-Shark

Wonderful shot of the little green heron. I am seeing more of these now in Central Florida. Your lighting is shot on in this. Great  pose.

Jim Downs
Green Heron Lurking three inches above the water.

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