"Camouflaged II" (Crocodile)

by Tsoi Wilson

camouflaged ii crocodile samutprakarn seeking crit tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 3rd of January 2007 08:44:03 PM


Les Berkley
Terrific study in color and texture. Not a 'nature' shot per se, but a fine image nonetheless.

Fiona Madden
wow! I think you've found your entry for wildlife photographer of the year!!

Jitka Unverdorben
Very nice photo, great, Jitka

Cherlyn .
I thought it a log at 1st glance, indeed very well camouflaged. The field of green algae provides a very good overall background.

ken james
wilson: although all the comments seem well meaning, what do they say? great, wonderful, the best, blah blah. A photographer has to always ask himself how to make things better. Can this photo be better? Yes. Before I tell you want I think, ask yourself if you could see this photo in the National Geographic. I could imagine an editor looking at and saying 'where are the rest?'. Maybe something out of series would be choosen, but I don't think it would be this one. For one thing, the photo is flat - the lighting is real flat...no highlights, nothing. This photo is about texture and color...neither of which is shown its the best advantage. Where's the croc's teeth? Could you have sqirted a bit of water on his snout to reveal a tooth or two? Would that alone have made it better. YES. Did you try? Probably not because you were afraid he would move. So, take a few photos - and see. If he disappears, you still have a photo. If he doesn't, you have a better photo. You didn't do this. This is a critique. Ken

Geir Røsset
Wow It has all been said. Very nice. Colours are really vibrant.

Omar Havana
WOW Incredible, I'm noone to tell you anything about the shot, comparing to this picture mine are just ridiculous, one of the best picture that I've ever seem, Please accept my admniration, thanks

John Seward
Wils, Excellent in all respects.

Colin Carron
...and he and his family have been in the same business for ever such a long time...

Ladislas de Toldi
great shot !

Andrea Endisch
great Wils! Happy new year to you and your's!

Jan Thomas wibetoe
My mother always told me to eat my greens. Love your shot, Perfect 7/7

Michael Schubert
wow this really is a great shot!

Leslie Battjes
Wilson, Great shot. I'm always leery about water that I can't see into...you never know what might pop out of it! Nicely done. BTW, where were you in relation to this croc? A boat, a dock, ? Leslie

Rafik Kamel
Wilson this is great, i didnt know it is a crocodile until i opened it, bravo colors and composition are great, RK!

Frank Melchior
Very cool Wilson, super composition as always.

Park daegon
oh! I love it!

David McCracken
Rather good! Amazing what you find when you decide to clean the bath tub. Rather good Wilson... rather good indeed.

Sauciuc Gabriela
7/7 excellent!

Raymond Yeung
Hi Wilson Nice cosmetics for the reptile. Congratulations!

very beautifull!!!!!

Leonardo Villalobos

Fantastic, congrats !

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Wilson Tsoi
"Camouflaged" A crocodile hiding in a sea of algal bloom.

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