Charly's Guitar

by Mena-Quintero Federico

charlys guitar seeking critique mena quintero federico

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Published: Friday 25th of January 2002 08:37:20 PM


David Yama
Interesting! I think it's fine how it is with the fret board fading to blurriness. I would have preferred a different sheet under it, one without a pattern. Maybe try it again without the edge of the bed in the frame and with a solid background. I wish I could *see* stuff like this to photograph it's very original!!

Federico Mena-Quintero
David, thanks for your suggestions. This was quite an improptu shot and as you guessed the guitar was on the bed. I'll remember to take a velvet-covered board next time so that the picture has a black background.

Federico Mena-Quintero
Charly┬┤s Guitar I intended to show the fine details of the guitar's string screws and the general area around the pickups. I wanted more depth of field, but my Coolpix would not allow more than f/7 at that focal length. However, now I am not sure if I like the (uninteresting) fret bar fading out into blurriness or if I would like it to be sharp. Any advice appreciated.

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