Photo Friday: Best Photo 2006. Best photo of 2006? So hard to choose. This is my choice...Lensbaby shot of the train at Maniwaki Quebec.

by Scott Michael

photo friday best of so hard to seeking critique scott michael

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Published: Tuesday 2nd of January 2007 03:00:47 AM


Michael Watkins
Can't say that I like the effect, at least not in this instance. I guess I am not "in the loop" as to what a "Lensbaby" is but if it involves smearing vaseline on a throwaway lens I guess it would look something like this. Perhaps spend 40$ on a Holga instead? I will say that when I look at this the first thing I think of is "Thomas The Train" (my kids used to love that...)

Michael Scott
Train Dream 909 Lensbaby shot of the train in Maniwaki Quebec. Love that lens, hope you like the image.

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