We'll Be Back

by Kelly Landrum

well be back seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

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Published: Saturday 30th of December 2006 01:04:52 AM


Jack McRitchie
Sometimes you're just in the right place and the universe serves you up a real opportunity. Of course you've got to have a camera, an eye and a quick trigger finger. Obviously you've got 'em all. Congratulations and best wishes for the New Year, Lannie. Regards, Jack

Pnina Evental
Lannie, despite the bad light, the catch of the moment is very good It looks like an airplanes group flight.... The second one as well. I like the diagonal enter to the image.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. These are pelicans. The picture quality would have better, but the light was so terrible, and it was hard to get too much out of this one in terms of image quality. The one above of them going away was shot just seconds after this one made of them coming toward me: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5386170 --Lannie

Colin Carron
Great moment, Lannie! The birds and the landcsape work well together. What species are they?

Mark Anthony Kathurima
Great shot, Lannie. Truly a 'moment in time' captured for posterity ;)

Happy New Year, mi amigo!


Manolis Spanakis
They always fascinate the biologist in me. Very nice momment and title. Don't worry about image quality; for more than a century our eyes have been used to it to such an extent that we may state this is real photography.

Tyler Wind
Lannie--I really like your tones in this B&W. And, your composition is stellar! What a good shot catching the birds in that configuration--it is almost "too perfect" of an alignment! I left some follow-ups to your comments on some of my shots--swing by and check them out when you get a spare minute. By the way, thanks for being so faithful about stopping by and leaving your input!

Bente Nielsen
Lannie It's still a special photo. Full of 'outgoing mood' I wish you a happy 2007 !

Cherlyn .
I would not have guess that these are pelicans. Their wings form such a nice straight line on this flight. I would say you caught a special moment.

Bob Belanger
This formation seems like a rare capture. Very cool.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Bob. Those darned pelicans just kept flying back and forth. With better light I could have gotten better overall quality, but I was happy with the composition. --Lannie

Ger Foy
Oh Wow....Well Done....and you didn't panic (like I would have and dropped the camera or something and then cry, HA!!!!) Ger..

Landrum Kelly
Just remember to carry a shotgun when you visit Marineland, Ger. It evens out the odds. . . a bit. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
We'll Be Back Shot at Marineland, Florida in 2002. Comments are welcome.


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