Mirror Finish Mustang

by Pew J. Glenn

mirror finish mustang seeking critique pew j glenn

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Published: Friday 29th of December 2006 05:15:42 AM


Edward Wright
Greetings J. Glenn, Hey; I can not see how this only rates 3 either, my guess is that they have never tried to polish out an entire airplane before (That is worth at least a 10 by itself!) I had to look twice at your picture to verify that there was not a partial reflection from some water or something; very clever idea. Of course since you thought of doing it, I am going to suggest setting the airplane wheel blocks as the reflection point; but what you did made me look twice, and more closely at that. I like your picture and the cloning. 5/6

Peter Galuszewski
corny, gimmick. What was the point? The fact that so many people find this impressive makes me re-think the amount of faith I should have in humanity...

J. Glenn Pew
on the blocks Another good idea, Edward. Thank you. I started with the idea that I would try to simulate a mirage, or standing water, but found this immediately appealing and with the polish of the skin, it made sense to me. Thanks for taking time to write. Much appreciated!

J. Glenn Pew
light spot Thanks, Ted. I'll try that. =]

Ted Gorczyca
nice image, just one thing though would be to clone out the light spot in the shadow of the gravel area where you seamed them together, good job

J. Glenn Pew
Only three 3's? Just three? Come on, you can do better than that.

J. Glenn Pew
Mirror Finish splash

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