another shiny airplane

by Pew J. Glenn

another shiny airplane seeking critique pew j glenn

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Published: Thursday 28th of December 2006 07:33:45 PM


Dan Goldman
beutiful image and angle. However, i dont not like the aircraft in the BG. I would either PS it out or come back and try a lower angle to hide it behind the wing.

Ladislas de Toldi
i love it.

August Horvath
Irresistible subject, nicely captured. I don't mind the T-28 but might have taken a step to the left to try to center it in the space between the nose and the left edge of the frame. What stands out for me about this picture is the way the hangar(?) reflected in the aicraft creates the sinuous orange shape winding from just under the first exhaust stack to the right edge of the picture. That is an unusual effect and it becomes the photo's strongest graphic element, with the same tone on the landing gear cover at lower left acting as a counterpoint. I would probably PS out that little bright red streak on the lower prop blade as it doesn't contribute much. Real good pic.

Mark Sweeney
I relly like the composition/cropping in this shot.

Peter Galuszewski
I don't find the airplane in the background to be objectionable - it certainly looks better than some ham-fisted photochop. Its a military aircraft in the background of a military aircraft. This is obviously shot where airplanes live - an airfield. No problems in my mind. Lovely reflections - the photo really conveys the gleam of metal bathed in sun. Certainly cought my eye!

J. Glenn Pew
molten evening another day in paradise

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