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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 28th of December 2006 04:43:03 PM


John Peri
That's ok Steven, the model will understand. Best wishes to you.

C. Daunis
I would not say provocative, at least in the "American" sense as you might say. Above all, I love the composition, the sparseness, which accentuates the young lady and in fact makes the champagne, for me, nearly the focal point.

Al Li
Graceful, elegant, and extremely erotic at the same time. I love the directional light and casting shadows.

Alberto Quintal
Fantastic, John. Alberto

Rakesh Syal
WONDERFUL!! No comments on this piece of art!!

John Peri
That's funny Michael, thank you for your concern. My remark initially may have been perceived as a judgment value, which it wasn't, just a difference in perception. I don't think it's important in this case.

Steven Jeffrey
Hmmm,... Alright,..I didn't want to say it,..but someone has to. The position and color of the "wine/champagne" suggests to me that it is more likely urine. Also the fact that you commented on "American" and European differences in what is "erotic" also suggest to me that the flute is in fact filled with urine. I spent some time in Europe, and "water sports" was much more prevalant there than it was here. Also,..there was a comment made on the "boldness" of the model,...and I don't think there is anything that bold about the pose itself,..but the suggestion of urine in the flute would definately be considered "bold". Maybe it is just me,..maybe I am completely wrong altogether. Regardless,..wonderful shot. I wish it had been named by the photographer.

Marty Brodell
John, I prefer this photo to the black and white you posted of the same model. I find the "blueishness" adding an air of fantasy to the photo and the use of "negative" space on the left very appealing. Those two things give this photo a sort of painting effect. The champagne glass adds class to the photo. Kudos to the model for being daring, provocative and yet charming.-All the best, Marty

Steven Jeffrey
Apologies John,..my humblest of apologies to you and the model in the picture. I did not mean to offend, and only offered a perception of what "may" be in the glass. It is a beautiful picture, and I admire all of your work, and even have your portfolio bookmarked so that I can visit it frequently. I meant no disrespect to you or your model, and again,..I offer my deepest of apologies. As with all artwork,...it can be interpreted numerous ways,..and apparently my interpretation was incorrect. Best Wishes Steven Martinez

Michael Meneklis
Dirty John I just discovered that the glass of champagne is just urine. I admire you twice because you get inside the ABNORMAL mind of the mean european that prefers such games. Of course from now and then I can not admire anymore her perfect body and pose. I do not feel anymore that the glass of wine or champagne is useless to enjoy the beauty of the girl. I cannot see anymore the harmony of the synthesis . I do not see the perfect color tones. I forgot the parallel legs and lines of your composition with the perfect lighting. I cenralized my mind in the glass. I am waiting the moment to taste it. I rediscovered the European beast inside myself. Long live "dirty John". I will be back when I will go to my ...therapist. PS. Do you know the PH of the urine, because I have some special preferences.

John Peri
Many thanks Marty. I think that the other image may be too voyeuristic in colour, hence my choice for that one. I feel that it passes off more easily as an artistic nude in black and white. I do have it in colour also, though I don't think it is for a wider audience.

Carlo Bello
Very Nice The picture is very nice I like a lot the balance between the dark (black) areas and the lighter ones: mostly green and skin tone and the flute of sparkling wine... yes, really, with such a wonderful picture of a very attractive lady everyone think that wine must be champagne :-)). Looking at the picture after few seconds I start thinking: a bare room, a naked lady in a very sensual pose, why there's a flute (at least why only one and no the more classical two) on the floor? At this point, as said by Chris, the flute became the focal point (and the question will be forever unanswered...). Wonderful. Ciao, Carlo

Naomi marie
Fantastic Love it! the textures, tones, wine glass all fit he mood, the pose is bold yet elegant.

Michael Meneklis
77 The color, the lighting, the parallels and the conversation between the glass and the "final target" create a real piece of erotic art. Michael.

David McCracken
One to be happy with... As with many of your pictures John, your attempt to steer the comments by your own comment is evident. It is this that makes your images so compelling to me. I always wonder what people would say if left to there own devices. I have to say this is one of your stronger images. I am not sure the centrality works but the mood created by the light works very well indeed. It's amazing what happens when the flash fails to fire.

John Peri
Thank you Naomi. I always appreciate support from a lady, particularly one that understands the subtleties of art. It takes confidence for a model to pose in such a carefree manner and it demands a certain honesty from a photographer to portray her as she really is.

Tore Nilsson
I like how the light falls in this image, the ratio between light and shadows work fine too. Nice colour management and of course nice model (as always in your images) Best regards Tore

Ken Williams ...
Happy New Year John - and very well done - particularily the arms, hands and hair ....... I debated one glass or two - then decided one is best ..... They can share - (-;

Francois B
European Taste? I donnot agree with difference between European taste and American one.... Discussion abour urine, etc ... are a little disgusting! This picture is just erotic!

Domenico Gargarella
Happy New Year 2007 full of success to everybody!! ciao Domenico

Fernando Yarce
this one is beautiful too..but I prefer B&W

John Peri
Juha, you changed the core of your message after posting it which makes my response look a little strange now. The basis of your comment was that my work was shallow, meaningless and lacked credibility, and you compared it among others with that of Newton, and Misha (M.H.), an excellent photographer and full time professional that posts his work here. I appreciate people giving their opinions and in no way resent this whatsoever. All I demand is the equal right to respond, which many people do not like. For these, the right to criticize is theirs but not to have their arguments questioned, which appears to me at times a little paradoxical!.

John Peri
Thank you Francois, I agree with the seocnd line especially, mais c'est plus subtile de notre cote!

Alon Eshel
Excellent . I prefer the color , It gives a unique touch to the atmosphere . Great photo really well composed

Jonathan Charles
Confidence I hope the title of your "happy New Year" greeting wasn't inspired by Steven Martinez's comment !!!

I like the colours in this shot. You evidently inspire self-confidence in your model which makes a pose like this appear quite natural (and erotic, because it does not seem exploitative).

Best wishes, Jonathan

Umair Ghani
grace & beauty! regards!

John Peri
An interesting comment Juha, thank you. As artists, there are many people that touch us, others not. It would be a real bore if we all identified with the same things! Whereas I did not attempt at any time to associate any particular type of work with any ethnic origins, I do maintain nevertheless, as I claimed above, that there is a clear distinction between the understanding of the word "erotic" here in Europe and overseas, just as there is in any other culture, a notable and strikingly evident example being the Far East where it differs still more. Sure I admire Helmut Newton. If I was him however, I would not be posting my work on PN! The comparison I found interesting though is the one of credibility. As I understand it, he set up his scenarios with lights and props, whereas I do not. I photograph what's there. Happy New Year and thanks for passing by.

Natasha Barabasha
excellent! Great work! Beautiful composition, excellent light not at all vulgar as some people may think, very artistic and refreshing!

Marc G.
I don't find this "vulgar" either - because I think "vulgar" only exists in the eye of the viewer. But I can of course see why some people may find it vulgar. I find it "loaded with raw sexual sugestions", and I respect this as one way to express your own vision of somebody's sexuality - or "sexually-loaded sensuality", if you prefer. Besides that, I never really understood why people make such a fuss when sexuality appears on a picture, when everywe all know that sex is part of life - and probably not the most uninteresting part ! :-)) Leaving all this philosophical nonsense in the kitchen, I want to tell you that I find this wall - the light on it and its colors - just fantastic as a "frame" for her body. And precisely, there's this door frame or such framing her directly and precisely. I just love all this. Background is in my view really optimal in this picture - congrats ! Now the light. Just great as well. The pose ? Well, I wouldn't choose a pose like this, but in its own (provocative) kind, I think it's just fine as well. And the glass is that extra-provocative bit that makes me smile and clap my hands. So, all things considered, I have no negative comments at all for this one. All really well done, neat, and smart. One of your very best uploads so far in my opinion. Regards.

Raymond Borg
Wonderful. A nice seductive and artistic nude. Well done.

John Peri
Erotism I think there is possibly a difference between the transatlantic and european meaning to the word erotic, at least as I perceive it. In Europe, it denotes something that is sensual, suggestive and appealing. Across the seas, I understand the word to have a stronger sexual connotation with the accent more visibly focused on provocation. As with many definitions however, the line is fine. Ocasionally, I take some photos that I consider to be mildy erotic, but my picutres are more oriented on what one imagines could be visible than what really is. In all cases, grace and beauty must prevail.

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