two pair

by Pew J. Glenn

two pair seeking critique pew j glenn

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Published: Thursday 28th of December 2006 10:46:58 AM


August Horvath
I like it quite a lot. The puddle was well positioned to reflect the aircraft, but not the fence and other clutter below the tail of the nearest machine, so you get twice the airplanes without twice the clutter and that helps draw attention back to the planes. Nice sky, also. And Peter, I agree with you about Navy paint schemes but I don't think that the yellow and white one is at all accurate so the "creativity" of the private owner gets some of the credit here!

Peter Galuszewski
I love it. Thank God for the US Navy and its paint schemes! Good eye to catch it this way, its almost like the light in this shot emanates from the actual subjects. Great capture!

Peter Galuszewski
Ah - I am not that familiar with USN paint schemes of this period. I am just glad that at least their training aircraft carried over some of the gorgeous schemes from the 1930's - even if this one was "creatively licensed"! :) I keep coming back to this shot, too - simply lovely capture!

J. Glenn Pew
two pair real reflection

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